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Brocade Serveriron layer 4 – 7 switches

increase application availability,
scalability, and security.
oracle is the industry leader in delivering

enterprise Web services.
Brocade Serveriron switches deployed

into an oracle Weblogic environment
increase application uptime, maximize
utilization, and defeat security threats.
this joint Brocade-oracle solution

provides immediate roi, and also
improves the roi of oracle application
and server infrastructure.
oracle Weblogic Server Scalability,
Availability, and Security Using
Brocade Serveriron Switches
SolutionS Brief
oracle Weblogic is an industry-leading
software platform to deliver mission-critical
enterprise Web services. High availability,
performance, security and on-demand
scalability are the critical requirements as
businesses rely on providing Web services
using oracle Weblogic to a growing number
of users. Brocade
layer 4 – 7
switches the leading choice of the most
demanding customers around the world to
increase availability, scalability, and security
of mission-critical enterprise applications.
the market-leading Serveriron switches
feature customized support for oracle
WebLogic to maximize the benefits of load
balancing and application switching to
oracle enterprise customers.
Brocade Serveriron switches, when
deployed into an oracle Weblogic
application environment, increase uptime,
maximize utilization, and defeat security
threats by being completely transparent
to the applications and servers. the
switches receive all client requests, and
distribute them efficiently to the “best”
server among the available pool. Serveriron
switches consider server availability, load,
response time, and other user-configured
performance metrics when selecting a
server for incoming client connections. By
performing sophisticated and customizable
“health checks” to the servers and the
oracle applications, the Serveriron switches
quickly identify unavailable resources in
real time and redirect client connections
to other available servers. Server capacity
can be increased or decreased on demand
without impacting applications and client
connections. When demand grows, it
engineers can simply “slide in” new server
resources and configure the ServerIron
switch to use the new servers for client
Serveriron switches are application aware
and can inspect many types of application-
level content to perform intelligent switching
of client requests to appropriate servers.
Application switching eliminates the
need to replicate content and application
functions on all servers, and optimizes
overall resource utilization, application
performance, and availability. Serveriron
switches support content switching on url,
Http headers, Http cookies, SSl session
iDs, and XMl tags.
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cookie persistence is key to load balancing
oracle Weblogic applications. Applications
require that requests belonging to the
same client transaction be sent to the
server originally selected when the
client first connected. Using HTTP cookie
switching, Serveriron switches ensure that
subsequent requests from a client are sent
to the original server, and only new client
connections are load balanced among
the available servers. Serveriron switches
support connection persistence to primary
and secondary oracle Weblogic servers
when the applications are using Weblogic
Server session cookies.
A critical benefit of using Brocade
Serveriron to load balance oracle Weblogic
applications is the ability to protect server
farms and applications from malicious
attacks. the Serveriron switches are proven
to defeat wire-speed, gigabit-rate Denial
of Service (DoS) attacks at 1.488 million
tcp requests per second while serving
legitimate application traffic. Brocade
switches also provide high-performance
filtering of HTTP messages with virus and
worm content that could cripple oracle
Brocade’s Serveriron solution provides
immediate roi, and also enhances the
roi of oracle application and server
infrastructure. They support significantly
higher application traffic and clients on
existing server resources by maximizing
utilization. With support for the Server
Connection Offload feature, ServerIron
switches reduce connection management
overhead on the servers and dedicate their
resources to application processing, which
further improves overall performance and
capacity of the server farms. on-demand
and unlimited virtual server farm scalability
eliminates the need for forklift upgrades
and dramatically improves the roi on the
server infrastructure. Downtime associated
with security breaches and scheduled
maintenance is eliminated, resulting in
improved availability, which results in
savings of tens of thousands to millions of
dollars a year.
About orAClE
for almost 30 years, oracle has been
helping customers manage their business
systems and information with reliable,
secure, and integrated technologies.
today, oracle is the largest business
software company in the world, with more
than 320,000 customers—including 100
of the fortune Global 100—and supports
these customer in more than 145 countries.
oracle can make your implementation
faster, your team more effective, your
marketing more productive, and your return
on investment higher.
About broCAdE
Brocade connects the world’s most
important information—delivering proven
networking solutions for today’s most
data-intensive organizations. from the
data center to high-performance ethernet
networks, Brocade is extending its near-
15-year heritage as a leading partner for
advanced storage and networking solutions.
the innovative Brocade approach to
networking facilitates strategic partnerships
by providing:
Standards-based solutions that

streamline qualification and help ensure
leading-edge technology that enables

comprehensive, best-in-class solutions
the best alternative choice to cisco in

terms of overall business value
the world’s largest enterprise networks,
government entities, and global service
providers rely on Brocade to maximize the
business return on their data. it’s no wonder
90 percent of the world’s most critical
business information flows through Brocade
solutions. Quite simply, Brocade enables
today’s complex businesses to run. Where
other vendors produce networking that’s
ordinary, Brocade is committed to delivering
the extraordinary.