Remote Access to Communications Corporation Servers Using Web Services


Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 11 months ago)


Remote Access to Communications
Corporation Servers Using Web Services

To access the Corporate Servers located at Communications Corporation in Jacksonville
you must have the following:


Access to the Internet. A broadband connection using a DSL or Cable m
odem is
preferred, but not required.


Membership username and password for access.


Terminal Services Client software or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or better.
(This documentation explains the ability to connect using Microsoft Internet
Explorer. Conta
ct your account representative for information on using the
Terminal Services Client Software.)

Step 1: Double click on the Internet Explorer icon to load your web browser.

Step 2: On the Address line type in

and click
GO. Your browser should then look like the picture below.

Step 3: After Logging in you will see a Desktop (if that is how your account is
configured) or your session will lau
nch directly into the software package you have the
authority to run.

For Desktop Users….

If you have a Desktop, at the conclusion of your work you will click on the start button
and click shutdown; just as you do from your normal machine. This will inf
orm the
Terminal server that you are ready to disconnect and close the session.

Click Logoff and click OK.

Non Desktop Users or Specific Application Users…

If you do

not have a desktop or are running a specific application, when you click close
or shutdown the application your session will automatically be terminated. You do not
have to do anything else to disconnect.


You web browser will enable your termi
nal connection to the host in a windowed mode.
It may be necessary to view the session in a full screen mode. To view the current
session in full screen mode, simply hold down the following keys simultaneously to
toggle to that mode…


will toggle into and out of full screen or windowed mode.