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String Quartets/Chamber Music




Music History

String Quartets

A string quartet is a small ensemble consisting of
four string instruments, hence “quartet”.

Usually, these groups consist of 2 violins, a viola,
and a cello.

String Quartets are one of the more prominent
examples of chamber groups.

A notable modern string quartet is the group
“Vitamin String Quartet”, whom are known for
playing orchestral renditions of popular
mainstream music.

History of String Quartets

The string quartet is believed to be dated back to the
Baroque trio sonata, in which two solo instruments
performed while accompanied by a keyboard and a bass

In addition, it was not uncommon for a group of four
musicians to play works written for orchestras as a quartet.

Joseph Haydn was responsible for establishing the
prominence of string quartets in the orchestral genre,
writing around 83 works for string quartet.

After Haydn’s time, works written for string quartet have
been regarded as a true test for a composer’s artistic

Example of String Quartet

As stated before, the “Vitamin String Quartet”
is a modern
day example of a string quartet,
mainly known for playing orchestral renditions
of popular bands and artists, such as “The Red
Hot Chili Peppers”.

Chamber Groups

The idea of playing music in small groups was
not restricted to string quartets.

Today, it has even become common to see
chamber groups consist of wind instruments,
such as clarinet ensembles, saxophone
quartets, flute choirs, etc.

History of Chamber Music

Haydn and Mozart were responsible for bringing the idea of
chamber music to fame.

Haydn was also responsible for establishing the form for
classical chamber music, which consists of the following:

An Openining Movement in Sonata Form

A lyrical Movement

A minuet

A fast finale

In this way, classical chamber music is much like a concerto,
which consists of a similar form (excluding the minuet)

Chamber Music Cont.

Beethoven was also influential in the
development of chamber music, one of his
piano trios bringing him to fame.

Felix Mendelssohn and Schubert were notable
Romantic composers for chamber music.

Chamber Music Example