Ayurvedic anal fissure Medicine

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An anal fissure is a small crack or ulcer (open sore) in the thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that lines the anus. Fissures are characterized by Burning sensation, extreme Pain and needle pricking sensation during defecation and in extreme cases throughout the day also.

Ayurvedic anal fissure Medicine:-

An anal fissure is a small crack or ulcer (open sore) in
the thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that lines the anus.
Fissures are characterized by Burning sensation,
extreme Pain and needle pricking sensation during
defecation and in extreme cases throughout the day
also. Sometime bleeding also occurs to normalize the
above discomforts an
Ayurvedic anal fissure medicine

can be used.

Symptoms of Anal Fissure's
(1) A visible crack in inner or outer sphincters.
(2) Itching or burning in the anal area.
(3) sharp pain and bleeding in the anal area during bowel movements
(4) Dysuria discomfort when urinating (less common). Some patients
may urinate more frequently.

Some of the useful treatment for Anal Fissures:-
(1) Herbal Remedies of Anal fissure:-
(a) Avgaha sweda (hot formentation-sitz bath
):- Dip your anal area in a
tub filled with warm water for approx. 10-15 minutes and pat gently afterwards
to dry. Do it three times a day especially after a bowel
movement. It can improve your hygiene; reduce inflammations
and discomforts caused by Anal fissure. Sitz Shower is
impressive in treatments for fissure.

(b) High Fibers Diet: - The First remedy is directed towards
making stools soft and ease Constipation. It can be achieved
by including insoluble fibers like whole grains, fruit, Cereals,
and vegetables in your daily meal. This fiber is not absorbed
by the body and passes through the bowels making it soft.

(c) Jatyadi Ghee/oil: - Jatyadi Oil helps in healing the fine
cracks in the anal mucosa. It is described in ayurvedic texts
as best oil to heal and any type of anal rectal wounds. It is made
of Jasminum officinale, picrorhiza kurroa , leaves of Azadirachta
indica, berberis aristata, Curcuma longa or turmeric , glycirrhiza
glabra or liquorice, bee wax and other vegetation.

(d). Rajat Bhasma :- Rajat Bhasma reduces pain associated
with anal fissure. It is astringent, sweet - sour in nature and is
natural coolant. It improves body strength , digestion power,
immunity & intelligence. It is an excellent rejuvenative and
anti-aging medicine which also relieves burning sensation. It
has a balancing effect on tridosha’s as it balances the pitta,
vata and kapha naturally. It quickly works on Various types of
pains and inflammations in the body and works as a natural
pain reliever.

Ayurvedic anal fissure Medicine :-
Ayurvedic anal fissure

medicine is wholesome in nature. The goal of
Ayurvedic medicine is to balance each dosha relates to a specific element — fire
(Pitta), air (Vata), and water (kapha). Constipation is one of the major cause of
Anal Fissure. Most of the
ayurvedic anal fissure medicines
also work for
constipation. Hence, we can depend on ayurvedic remedies for a complete fissure
cure treatment because of its herbal properties.
Herbopile is regarded as the best Ayurvedic medicine for
piles and Anal fissures, providing you with quick relief, reducing pain and easing
the passage of stools. These Ayurvedic tablets for piles are made
using a blend of herbs that have been shown to have a natural
laxative and stool softening effect, easing bowel movements. Due
to their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, some of the
herbs in Herbopile also work to reduce intestinal and colon
inflammation, while relieving and reducing the sensation of pain.
Notable herbs in Herbopile include the likes of lembodi, rasvanti,
and bakanyafal, among others.

Pylowin Tablets: - This combination acts
synergistically and removes the toxins which is the root cause. It strengthens the
intestine, evacuates bowel naturally, helps to stop bleeding,
reduces swelling and pain at anal region and helps to heal the
cracks at anal region. Though surgery is advised in some extreme
cases, this combination completely cures piles in its early stages and
also reduces possibility of recurrence.

PF2-CURETM works on the main root cause of anal area. it is single
ayurvedic treatment of fissure and formulation that plays all above roles & is
extremely helpful in curing anal fissure. Simple mechanism of this
medicine is to normalize the varicose veins inflammation in ano-
rectal region. This causes less friction between stools & anal canal
& gives immediate relief from extreme pain & burning sensation
of anal fissures. Slowly the wounds of fissures get healed on its
own without requirement of any surgical intervention. It ensures
the natural and safe cure of ano-rectal problems without any
requirement of surgery. PF2-CURE
is the best Ayurvedic
anal fissure

medicine in india.

Conclusion: If you are suffering from anal fissure for a long time and you are
dread going to the toilet, and you want a permanent solution of your problem .
Here is the best solution for it. That is
PF2 Cure which is the best Ayurvedic
anal fissure Medicine.