IS 7033.001 IS Technology Research Computer Security MW 8:00-10:45 am, BB 3.02.20 Course Syllabus

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Nov 21, 2013 (5 years and 4 months ago)


IS 7033.001

IS Technology Research

Computer Security

MW 8:00
10:45 am, BB 3.02.20

Course Syllabus


Much has been said and written about securing our national infrastructures from terrorist or other
attacks. While physical attacks are certa
inly foremost in the public’s mind, attacks of a different nature

attacks from the cyberworld

are also certainly possible. The government has proposed plans to secure the
nation’s information infrastructures, and publicly there may appear to be a cohe
sive plan, peeling back the
veil that shrouds much of the work, however, reveals very little consensus on how to actually implement
the plans. Theoretical solutions proposed in academia or in the halls of government don’t always work
when tried in real
rld operational environments. Why is this problem so hard to tackle? What are the
elements of the problem? What has been proposed and why might it work, or not work? Are there
reasonable alternatives? Who is in charge? Who should be in charge or resp
onsible for this effort? These
are some of the questions we will discuss during this course.


The objective of this course is to guide the students through their own examination of issues
critical to computer and network security. Two overrid
ing themes will be the application of the Computer
Security Operational Model to real
world situations and considering and developing theories as to how
protection of the nation’s critical infrastructures from cyber attacks can actually be accomplished.

Assumed Background

It is assumed that students in this class have a basic understanding of Operating Systems and
Networks and that they have access to the Internet. It is also important for a student to have a basic
understanding of computer and network
security. Oral and written communication skills are essential for
successfully completing this course.


None, all readings will be assigned.

Graded Assignments

The grades for this course will be based on a standard 70% = C, 80% = B, 90%=A grad
scheme. The final grades will be based on the following assignments:

Class Discussion (lead) 1

100 points

Class Discussion (lead) 2

100 points

Class Participation

100 points


400 points

Oral Examination

300 points


1000 points

Instructor Data

The instructor for the course will be Dr. Gregory B. White, BB 4.06.18, 458
6307. Office hours
are 3:00

5:00 p.m MTW or by appointment.

Misc. Policies

Attendance will not be taken in class. A student missing class is re
sponsible for obtaining
information missed. Any late penalties for assignments will be outlined in the individual assignment
handout. Please ensure pagers and cell phones are turned off during class

exceptions for unusual
circumstances should be arrang
ed in advance with the instructor. Any other special considerations for
assignments or examinations should be cleared in advance with the instructor.