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Dec 13, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


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October 2012


Sue Suckling
, the

Chair of the Establishment Board of the Advanced Technology Institute

This newsletter is to update everyone on
progress towards the launch of the Advanced Technology
Institute (ATI).

The ATI establishment
nnouncement came

in July
after discussion, debate, research and analysis
. A
number of you were involved in the process.

ATI Establishment Board

was appointed by Minister Joyce in August, and enabling legislation was
introduced into parliament for its

first reading

in early September. Submissions on the Bill closed on
1 October, and the Select Committee’s report is now on the

parliamentary website

The primary purpose of the new entity is

to assist firms in the high value manufacturing and services
sectors substan
tially improve their global competitiveness and growth prospects through greater
commercialisation of science, engineering and technology based innovation, for the benefit of

New Zealand.

The Establishment Board is quite clear that the new organisation,
once established on 1 February
2013, must be highly collaborative and responsive to stakeholders

from firms and industry to the
science, technology and research community

in order to successfully deliver on the ATI mandate.
The Board’s

is to h
ave the new ATI ready to open its doors on 1 February 2013.

The key milestones in the timetable are:

Late November/early December

The Government will be making further decisions on
outstanding policy issues including the accountability and performance
framework and ATI
grants and funding

Submission of
final Business Case for approval by the Minister and Cabinet by
mid to late

which will include

ATI role clarity, vision, functions and the three year operational budget
and results the new entity seeks to achieve or contribute to

Recruitment of the establishment CEO with the appointee identified by the end of

Feb 2013 if

Confirmation of

the organisation’s name and Head Office location by mid

The Establishment Board, through its Establishment Unit headed by Murray Nash, is undertaking the
necessary work to deliver on these milestones

using existing studies that have been compl
eted (to
which many of you have given input), plus undertaking our own review, talking with stakeholders,
and looking at various international models which have operations and approaches similar to our
New Zealand environment.

We are also looking at resolving how the entity will work with other government organisations which
support firms, e.g. NZTE. In addition,
we’re focussing

on which parts of IRL
go into the new ATI
and which go to others in the sector to maximise value




final arrangements for the
owl and the Food Innovation network.

e are
working through how we can minimise cost and support the government’s approach to
“better public services”, the alignment of R&D spending, and how ATI will

work and

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businesses with science, engineering and technology services.

In doing so, the ATI’s aim is to
strengthen both

supply (science, engineering and technology) and demand (firms) sides of the

The Board looks forward to keeping you

up to date with the progress of the Establishment Board and
Unit. Shortly we will be regularly updating and communicating with you via our own website and will
make sure you know when this is available.

A number of you have asked “Is there funding avail
able now?” And, “Is there support available for
projects and ideas now? ". Until the Business Case for the ATI is approved by Cabinet we cannot
commit to this. The best thing we can do for you all at this stage is ensure that we focus on ensuring
the ATI
is up and running on 1 February and is well positioned to add the value expected by you all.

Please feel free to distribute this newsletter widely.

Contact Sue Ryan,

Communications and stakeholder engagement

ATI Establishment Unit


4 9172912