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126 June 2008 in Druskininkai, Lithuania
LOW fRequeNCY eM fieLdS ANd TheiR
J.Valdmanis, A. Cipijs
Institute of Physics, University of Latvia
У-mail: jvaldman@sal.lv
in [1] were discussed the physical aspects of local dowsing that can be explained by electromagnetic
(EM) processes near the Earth surface. Some years ago new ideas connected with left-handed materials
were expressed in [2]. now there is progress in artificially making metamaterials in em microwave
range (see: the Research group of David Smith, Novel Electromagnetic Materials, http://www.ee.duke.
edu/~drsmith/smith_pubs.htm). such materials are made and many theoretically predicted effects were
confirmed. our activities were directed to extend investigation in low frequency range because near the
Earth surface such waves made the main part of background radiation including 50-60 hz frequency.
some results of investigations in context of em field influence on organisms were presented.
Metallic and any electrically conducting objects are connected with Earth. From EM point of
view there are some capacitance (C) and inductance (L). Results of interaction are resonance frequency
. In our cases the physics is more complicated because object had local L and C
distribution. to simplify analysis we consider that L and C are some effective quantities that characterize
more complicate processes. If we have some external EM interaction with frequency lower than f
connection with Earth can be increased by dowser approaching to the object. the reason is that object
and dowser made new interacting system with frequency f
r lower than f
r. At some distances f
r is
equal to external em field frequency and there are real resonance interactions. it means that voltage
increase and results could be condition reflex appearance. object could be one that come out of earth
surface (oak-tree, walls) or one situated beneath the surface (depositions, electrical cable e.t.c.) .
the role of external em field could be made by dowsers’ rhythmical vibrations as α, β, Δ
rhythms, electromyograms potentials and other. In such cases the object that dowser are approaching
change the interaction process dowser – Earth and result are resonance, voltage increasing, dowser’s
reaction. We investigated various simple elements that resonate at definite frequency and influence of
man approaching such elements. the resonance processes were determined by oscillograph. Interaction
processes were essential at Mhz, khz as well as 50 hz frequencies. As external EM source we used
small generator (1-10 V) and active element where special coil system that increase voltage up to
some100 V. Such method can be used to detect dowser’s sensibility to EM radiation. It is possible to use
as training devices.
Parameters that could be changed are frequency and voltage amplitude. Coil system has also
higher mode frequencies but more significant is the first one. compare with known kirliani effect where
voltage is much higher (~10 – 20 kv) in our experiments there are some hundreds volts. in kirliani cases
there are electron discharges between object and electrode. Such discharges are realized along surfaces
of photo film. in our cases interaction are due to c bond object – dowser: method can be used also for
investigation of extrasensory perception’s and healing effects.
Really in cases when there are two interacting elements or element and dowser we have two
resonance frequencies. Due too interaction for more element number of resonance frequencies increase.
So the situation is complicated. Maybe that is one of the reason of non repetitions situations in dowser
checking cases. in any situations we need to remember that em field is quantum field. interacting objects
made some entangled state and there are the resonance interaction with resonance frequencies splitting,
the Sixteenth seminar of BDA 127
em field increasing and other processes. ideas of quantum effects regarding the em noise influence
on the operator were discussed also in [3]. it looks like electrical potential is analogy of quantum
mechanical wave function for electrons. Active element excitation are done by low frequency collapsing
EM waves.
It is necessary emphasize that for resonant interaction between two or more objects their need
to be strictly identical. the measuring procedure of some objects parameters can change interaction
process and resonance frequencies.
1. J. valdmanis . Physical aspects of dowsing and levitation . earth’s fields and their influence on organisms,
Int. seminar at kloogarand, 2003, pp 5-6.
2. J.valdmanis. new electromagnetic metamaterials and dowsing. earth’s fields and their influence on
organisms, Int. seminar at tamosava, 2004, pp. 9-11.
3. l. Boldyreva, n.sotina. an unknowh field found in the experiments with flicker noise generators. the
superfluid physical vacuum. earth’s field and their influence on organisms, int. seminar at tamosava, 2004, pp.
ниЗкочастотныЕ Ем поля и их РаЗонансноЕ ВЗаимодЕйстВиЕ
Основываясь на исследованиях по так называемым Left-handed материалам , приводится
результаты, которые подтверждают электромагнитную (ЕМ) природу локальной биолокации.
В низкочастотном диапозоне ЕМ волн рассмотрено резонансное взаимодействие объект
– dowser, которое может привести к процессам усиления ЕМ поля. Это может привести к
проявлению биолокационного эффекта. Механизм взаимодействия может реализоваться как
под внешним действием ЕМ полей, так и внутренними ритмическими колебаниями (α, β, Δ ритмы
и др.). Резонансное взаимодействие, несмотря на низкую частоту ЕМ поля, требует своего
рода квантовое рассмотрение с появлением расщепления резонансных частот, возникновением
связанного (entangled) состояния и др.