Biometric Authentication, Fraud and Identity theft Prevention

Arya MirSecurity

Jul 7, 2011 (5 years and 4 months ago)


Authentication is the process in which a person’s identity claim is verified. In order to grant access to a person, the system should make sure he is who he claims to be. Statistics show that about 10 million people every year become affected by a form of identity theft or fraud [1]. Therefore having a secure and reliable mechanism for authentication is essential in protecting user’s privacy and minimising crimes. There are many techniques and forms of authentication designed to increase the security of computer based systems. Using biometrics for authentication seems to be an ideal method to replace or extend the current security mechanism. Biometric devices have been used for authentication since 1974. In recent years due to the increased risk of terrorism attacks, more effort has been put into developing more secure mechanism for identifying individuals. Therefore a great amount of research and work have been done in Biometrics.

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