Master Thesis Opening

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Oct 29, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Master Thesis
Intelligent Algorithms for Damage Detection in Bridges using

Wireless Sensor Networks
We are a group composed of KTH’s Structural Engineering and Bridges

. and Swedish Institute of Computer Science

. Together we have world leading competence in

the fields Structural Health Monitoring, Machine Learning and Wireless

Sensor Networks.
We seek a student in to develop a Structural Health Monitoring system

based on Wireless Sensor Network and Machine learning algorithms. The

work will consist in the development of algorithms for damage detection

in bridges using Wireless Sensor Network as data acquisition and

processing units. The work will be devoted mainly to finding the best

Machine Learning/Novelty Detection paradigm and damage sensitive

features, given the constrain
ts of the problem (limited processing power

and connection capabilities, lack of measurements of the damaged state

for training, etc.).
The work will include a literature review in the relevant topics, description

of the chosen algorithm and its development and a testing of the developed

algorithm via numeric simulations (laboratory experiments are a

possibility, should time allow). It would be fully reported in a Master

Thesis report and summarized in a scientific paper t
hat we hope to publish

in an internationally recognized journal.
The work will correspond to 30 hp or 20 weeks of fulltime dedication.

students should have studied structural mechanics and have

strong interest in programming and machine learning or should have a

strong background in programming and machine learning and be

interested in structural mechanics and signal processing.
For the application, please provide us with a CV, your courses and grades.

In addition, we appreciate an article, paper, thesis or other relevant

documents you have written in your education in order to judge your

ability to express yourself in English.

Please send your application to Thiemo Voigt
Raid Karoumi & Ignacio Gonzalez Silva
Division of Structural Engineering and Bridges, KTH
Thiemo Voigt & Luca Mottola
Swedish Institute of Computer Science, SICS