New Concepts and Mechanisms for Networking

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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


New Concepts and Mechanisms for

Edo Stork,

Deputy Resident Representative,

United Nations Development Programme, Trinidad and Tobago

Vidyaratha Kissoon,

Devnet, Guyana

Fifth Summit of the Americas Civil Society Forum,

15 April 2009 (with additional edits in the Notes)


Case Studies

Sustainable Development Networking

Caribbean ICT Virtual Stakeholder Community

Success factors

About UNDP

UNDP is the UN's global development
network, an organization advocating for
change and connecting countries to
knowledge, experience and resources to
help people build a better life.

Sustainable Development Networking
Programme (SDNP)

* Emerged from Agenda 21 endorsed by over 185
national governments in UNCED, Rio de Janeiro 1992:
Launched in late 1992, ended in 2002

* Support to chapter 40 of the Agenda: Information for
decision makers and stakeholders to support
sustainable development

* Active in almost 50 countries, 10 or so projects still
operate independently from UNDP (as NGOs or

Projects in OAS countries:

, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador,

, Mexico,







Critical Success Factors

Focus on Connectivity, Capacity and Content (the
3 Cs!), not only ICTs

stakeholder approach in
project implementation

Sustainability built into the project from day 1

Links to national sustainable development

Public access points and training

Use of Open Source Software to reduce costs,
build national ICT capacity


Lessons learnt

Access to information via ICTs is not only feasible but needed
to foster better sustainable development

Increased awareness on the use of ICTs by NGOs and civil
society in general

they are usually ahead of governments

Building national capacity and national and international
networks is essential to guarantee some level of success

A pure technological approach can kill any initiative rapidly as
technologies evolve very quickly

Successful SDNPs required support of dedicated and
committed national staff and managers who fully owned the
operation and work independently from the donor

SDN Honduras

Launched in 1993 with 200USD on a multi stakeholder platform
including national government

Quickly moved from providing connectivity to becoming an
information center for civil society and development NGOs

Played key role when Hurricane Mitch hit the country in 1997.

Provided critical training not only on ICTs but also on sustainable
development issues and programme design

Become an independent NGO in 2001 and is still running as such
with support from many donors and local partners

SDN Honduras

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Caribbean ICT Virtual Stakeholders
Community (CIVIC)

Formed after Caribbean ICT Roundtable in October

Support from the Institute for Connectivity in the
Americas/International Development Research Centre


Currently a multi sectoral, regional virtual community
of 300 persons from 30 countries

Details of supporting project at

Partnership includes SDN participants from Guyana, Haiti
and Jamaica and Fundación Taigüey from Dominican


How do we use ICTs

Dgroups platform

Mailing list

Resource directory for members


In implementation

CIVIC 2.0 Platform

Starting with thematic channels

Channel managers have been trained

Multilingual (French, Spanish and English)

Based on Drupal CMS

Various applications available

mailing list/ forums integration

blogs in the first phase

Resource sharing

Demonstration CIVIC 2.0 Platform

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Success factors

What are the tools which are available?

How do we ensure that we do not exclude persons who are not familiar with the

How accessible is the technology?

Bandwidth quality, electricity?

Affordability, adaptability?

Convergence with print and other technologies such as radio?

Who will manage the technology for the networking?

AHTIC, DevNet, JSDN and Taiguey collaboration for CIVIC

Who will be the hub of the network?

Volunteers or paid workers?

Who will moderate/manage content ?

Who will animate?

Can we do it?