CS 552 01/16/2008 Progress Report for IMA Portal

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CS 552 01/16/2008 Progress Report for IMA Portal

Progress Report 9: January 16, 2008

Author: Chris Hicks

Team members: Ami Shah, Garry Stafford, Pedro Ardila, Rich Krajunus, Doug
Beauchamp, Lorianne Marchesiello, Chris Hicks

Definitions for New Terms


A self contained interface module or glorified widget that exists
in a web portal. In the context of the IMA Portal, the only dependency
may or may not be on the Business Logic package that is being developed
in parallel.



An object
relational mapping for Java that can map objects
to the database, eliminating the need to write manual queries to the
database. A hibernate configuration can be used to create the datab



JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

used to bridge the gap
between the Java code and the presentation (HTML) layer of the project.
The tag library has basic support for storing variables, conditionals and
loops for displaying data.


Customer Relations

Relations with IMA remain strong. Mike Vierzchalek, the designer,
continues to advise on the look and feel of the portal. A copy of the project
has been installed on a
n internal development server for review by IMA
employees. This server will be used to deploy our first release which is
scheduled for January 29.


The Industry News, Client Search, and Add Project portlets are nearing
competition and the

team continues to learn and progress towards the first
release goal of completing the Home and Projects portions of the portal.

Problems Faced

Problem: There is a steep learning curve in developing for the system.

Solution: The main issue seems to revo
lve around keeping track of the data
and its flow from the data layer to the presentation layer (HTML). The
architect will continue to attempt to find ways to easily explain the
architecture chosen through better documentation and more specific

Problem: The Trends Blog portlet is not clearly defined.

Solution: Talking more with the client reveals that they want to expose
the blog to the general public so that it can be linked to from the main
website. A rich text or html is preferred so that blog

posts can have basic

Schedule and Estimates

Learning new software and becoming accustomed to the architecture has taken
longer than anticipated. This set back is not entirely unexpected as the
entire team has to learn several new languages s
uch as JAVA, Hibernate,
and JSTL. It is estimated that we are 2 weeks behind schedule. An updated
time table for portlet releases will be available in the next report.

January 29

First release of project to client. Completed portlets include:
RSS Feed,
Client Search, Employee Search, Trends Blog, Add Project, Search
Projects, and View/Edit Projects.

January 31

Version 1 of the Development Plan is due.

*** Score 100/100