testopicsx - BT1668


Feb 20, 2013 (5 years and 4 months ago)


Cell & Microbiology Test Topics

Types of Biotechnology

Convert between scientific notation and standard notation

Convert various metric units using the metric line

What is a HeLa cell? Debate around HeLa cells

Types of Microscopes (anything in the Vuvox

project is fair game)

Determining Magnification (multiply objective x 10)

Parts of a Microscope & How to Use It (You will have to use it on the exam)

Cell Cycle

Stages of Mitosis (be sure to be able to identify each stage)

Major Shapes of Bacteria

re to Perform a Gram Stain

Cellular Workings of Gram Stain

Life Cycle of a Bacteria (Log, Stationary, etc)

Parts of a Virus

Lysogenic & Lyctic Life Cycles of a Virus

Modes of Transmission of Bacteria