Course Package Price List

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Course Package Price List
All packages include 1 Year Unlimited Access to ALL of the courses listed for 1 individual.

Package Pricing:

End User Computing Packages:
Desktop Computing $ 89.95
Business Skills $ 69.95
Small Business $ 59.95
Any 2 of the above $129.95
All 3 of the above $159.95
Technical Packages:
Microsoft Certifications $149.95
Technical – General $129.95
Web Development $129.95
Any 2 of the above $229.95
All 3 of the above $299.95
Business Skills Videos:
Essentials $ 99.95
Management $ 99.95
Personal Development $ 99.95
Any 2 of the above $149.95
All 3 of the above $199.95
Instant Mentoring $ 50.00
Instant Mentoring allows students to ask questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is available with
the following packages: Desktop Computing, Business Skills, Small Business, Microsoft Certifications,
Technical – General, Web Development.
End User Computing Packages
Desktop Computing Package

Access 2000 MOS Office 97
Access 2002 Office XP Upgrade
Access 2003 Outlook 2002
Computer Basics Outlook 2003
Computing Concepts Outlook 98
Crystal Reports 8 Paint Shop Pro 5
Excel 2000 MOS PowerPoint 2000 MOS
Excel 2000 MOS Expert PowerPoint 2002
Excel 2002 PowerPoint 2003
Excel 2003 Project 2000 MOS
Exchange Project 2003
GroupWise 5.5 Project 98
Internet Explorer 6 SAP R/3 Release 4.6
Internet/Internet Explorer Visio 2002
Internet/Netscape Windows
Introduction to PCs Windows 98 Tips
Lotus Notes 4.6 Windows XP Upgrade
Lotus Notes 6.5 Word 2000 MOS
Lotus Notes R5 Word 2000 MOS Expert
Networking for End Users Word 2002
Office 2000 Word 2003
Office 2003 - What's New

Business Skills Package

Basics of Business Math Negotiating
Business Communication Project Management
Business Management Project Management Professional PMP
Customer Service Sexual Harassment
Grammar Time Management

Home and Small Business Package

401(k) Plans QuickBooks 2004
Budgeting and Saving QuickBooks
Estate Planning Quicken 98
Home Business Resumes
Interview Skills Retirement Planning
Investing Fundamentals SAT Preparation
Money 98 Works

Technical Packages
Microsoft Certifications Package

IIS 4 Visual Studio .NET Programming with Visual C#
Microsoft .NET Applications MCSD/MCAD/MCDBA 70- Windows 2000 Active Directory MCSE 70-217
316 Windows 2000 Directory Design MCSE 70-219
Microsoft .NET Architectures MCP/MCSD 70-300 Windows 2000 Network Administration MCSE 70-216
Microsoft Exchange 2000 Administration MCSE 70-224 Windows 2000 Network Design MCSE 70-221
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 MCSA/MCSE 70-284 Windows 2000 Network Management MCSA 70-218
MS Exchange Server 5.5 Windows 2000 Professional MCSE 70-210
Networking Essentials Windows 2000 Security Design 70-220
Project Server 2003 Windows 2000 Server 70-215
Server 2003 Security Admin MCSA/MCSE 70-299 Windows NT Server 4.0
SQL Server 2000 Admin MCDBA MCSA MCSE 70-228 Windows NT Server 4.0 - Enterprise
SQL Server 2000 Database Design MCSE 70-229 Windows NT Workstation 4.0
SQL Server 6.5 Windows Server 2003
SQL Server 7 Admin Windows Server 2003 Active Directory MCSE 70-294
TCP/IP Windows Server 2003 Administration MCSE 70-290
Visual Basic .NET for Web MCSD/MCAD 70-305 Windows Server 2003 Infrastructure MCSE 70-297
Visual Basic .NET for XML Web MCSD/MCAD 70-310 Windows Server 2003 Network Management MCSE 70-
Visual Basic .NET Windows Apps MCSD/MCAD 70-306 291
Visual C# Web Applications MCAD 70-315 Windows Server 2003 Network Planning MCSE 70-293
Visual C# XML MCAD 70-320 Windows Server 2003 Security MCSE 70-298
Visual Studio .NET Advanced Topics Windows XP Application Support MCDST 70-272
Visual Studio .NET and ASP.NET Windows XP Professional MCSE 70-270
Visual Studio .NET Overview Windows XP System Support MCDST 70-271

Technical – General Package

C Programming Oracle8
Cisco Related Series BCMSN 642-811 Oracle9i Database Fundamentals 1Z0-031
Cisco Related Series BCRAN 642-821 Oracle9i SQL 1Z0-007
Cisco Related Series BSCI 642-801 PowerBuilder 5
Cisco Related Series CCDA PowerBuilder 6
Cisco Related Series CCNA PowerBuilder 9 Advanced Development
Cisco Related Series CCNA 640-801 Rational Unified Process
Cisco Related Series CIT 642-831 RDBMS
CISSP Security Professional RPG IV Programming
Client/Server SAS
CompTIA A+ SAS 8
CompTIA Network+ Security+
Data Warehousing Server+
FOCUS Solaris 8 System Administrator 310-011
LANs Sun Java 2 Developer SCJD CX-310-252A/CX-310-027
Linux Sybase
Networking for Technical Users UML 2.0
Notes 5 Programming UNIX Systems
Novell 560 CNE Visual Basic 4.0
Novell 570 CNE Advanced Administration Visual Basic 5.0
Object-Oriented Analysis & Design Visual Basic 6
OOP Using C++ Windows 2000 Basics
Technical Packages – continued
Web Development Package

CIW Foundations 1D0-410 Internet Marketing 1
CIW Security 1D0-470 JAVA 1.1
ColdFusion MX JAVA 1.2
Dreamweaver MX Java 2 Enterprise Design 1
Dreamweaver MX 2004 Java 2 Programmer Certification 310-035
Dynamic HTML Photoshop
Flash MX Photoshop 7 1
Flash MX 2004 ActionScript 2.0 Photoshop CS
Flash MX ActionScript Visual InterDev 6
FrontPage 2000 Web Design & Graphics
FrontPage 97/98 XML
GUI Design

Business Skills Video Packages
Business Skills Videos – Essentials

Customer Service Sales and Marketing
Finance Workplace Environment
Global Business

Business Skills Videos – Management

Coaching Management
Leadership Managing Within the Law
Leading Teams Six Sigma

Business Skills Videos – Personal Development

Career Development Self-Management
Communication Work and Life Balance

Why StaffKit Training?

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Gain the hands-on experience you're looking for through the use of our unique task-based simulations. It
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Skill Assessment
Save time by taking a pre-test before you take the course. The results of the test will let you know what
parts of the course you need to take. A post-test is also available. You'll know how well you've mastered
the material once you've completed this test.
Our intelligent client technology recognizes where you are throughout a course and tracks your progress
in a course. The next time you access the course, you will return to the same location within the course.
You don't need to remember where you stopped or how to return to where you stopped.
Search the entire courseware for a keyword or phrase, this is an excellent reference for quickly finding
where to begin training.
CEU Credits
CEU credits are available for any of the courses offered by StaffKit. CEUs are a nationally recognized
measure of completion of non-credit professional development learning activities by an approved
provider. Students earn 1 CEU for every 10 hours of successfully completed course work. Students
currently pay a $20 CEU application fee for each course submitted for CEU credit.
Answer the questions throughout the course, score 70% or better and you will be able to print your own
"Certification of Completion".

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