Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application Development


Spring 2010

Course information


Office hours: T 3:05
4:05, R 3:05
5:05 in
MO117a, or by appointment

Virtual office hours: Monday 3
5 using Google
chat or Skype (add iantonios to your contacts)

Google group for course discussions, office
hours : csc398sp10. Get a gmail account and
request to be added to the group.

What is the course about?

A broad
based introduction to mobile
application development

We will work with Java ME (Micro Edition) as
well as Google's Android, but we are not limited
to those

Two main goals of the course:

Get familiar with part of the API's and development

Develop cool applications

Course structure

Mobile application development is a rapidly
evolving area → no standard curriculum on the

Promote exploration, experimentation (higher
tolerance for failure)

Adopt a collaborative learning environment as
opposed to a lecture style environment

What is expected of you

Enthusiasm for programming

Willingness to be a proactive learner

Seek out answers on online forums

Suggest and explore new ideas

Participate in class discussions

Present your findings to the class

Help improve on your classmates' solutions

Be creative

Have a blast

Course activities

Work on programming exercises to learn the

Develop a tutorial/presentation on a topic of

Participate in online class discussions

Propose and develop mobile application (term

Review the work of your classmates

Course topics

Creating and invoking MIDlets (Java ME)

Android application model

User interface elements

Basic graphics

Gaming (optional)

Data persistence



Http connections, Web services

Text and multimedia messaging

Location awareness and mapping (Android)

What do you like to get out of this course?

Development environments


For Java ME, install Netbeans 6.8 available on:

Select the package in the 3

column, which includes Java ME


Download Android from

Use Eclipse with the Android plugin. More information later in
the semester

Course assessment

Practice programming exercises: 25%

Topic presentation(s) and tutorial(s): 15%

Midterm project: 15%

class and online participation: 15%

Term project (proposal, presentation, and
implementation): 30%

How are mobile apps different?

Device constraints

Mode of use

Network centric

Development environment (debugging)

Often device dependent

Our first app

import javax.microedition.midlet.*;

import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;

public class Midlet extends MIDlet {

public void startApp() {

Form f = new Form("Hello world");



public void pauseApp() {


public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) {



For Thursday

Read up on MIDlets (online)

Get a gmail account and request to be added
to the csc398sp10 group

Install Netbeans on your home computer

Download code from Knudsen book and try
out other examples from Chapters 3 and 5