Non-Stick Pan Singapore

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Jan 10, 2019 (5 months and 9 days ago)

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Non-Stick Pan Singapore
When it comes to providing the best
Non-Stick Pan Singapore
Ang Lee Seng is here to
help you on the best product choice that can ensure the experience of cooking which
you must not have had before. Our Non stick pans are marble coated in order to ensure
that your food is not adulterated with the reactive materials of the cookware. Toss, stir,
and flip your dishes with ease and experience our best way to ensure that you appear
no less than a chef to your guests now. Cooking suitable for the induction cookers, hobs
as well as gas stoves, therefore what you now have with us is a package of secure and
professional cooking. The handling in our Non-Stick Pan Singapore is Ergonomic
which means that it easy and smooth to uphold. Ease in taking care of the product due
to its high durability and long life. Ease in cleaning and sanitizing makes the
Pan Singapore
the best investment you must have made in your kitchen till now, so be
ready to grab it as soon as possible and reap the fruits of high class and professional

555/AMARK's non-stick cookware feature 3 layers of food grade ceramic or marble
sandblasted onto a durable aluminum pan, allowing healthier frying using very little fat
or oil. A high heat-resistant lacquer surface in a variety of attractive colours is then
added to enhance the durability and appearance of the pan.
For Proper Care for Your Cookware
• Use nylon, silicone or non-metal spatulas
• Cook on moderate heat to protect the non-stick surface
• Clean with hot water and normal cleaning detergents
• Avoid using steel and abrasive scrubbers and scourers
• Keep dry after washing
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