ELEC 377: Digital Control Systems

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ELEC 377: Digital Control Systems

Fall Semester 2006


This course will provide the fundamentals for the analysis and design of computer-
controlled systems, including state-space models, sampling continuous-time models,
stability analysis of continuous and discrete-time systems, controller design using pole
assignment, and optimal control. Through the study of this course, the students will be
able to understand and design practically useful computer-controlled systems to improve
productivity and quality.


Karl J. Astrom and B. Wittenmark, Computed-Controlled Systems, 3
Edition, Prentice-
Hall, Inc., 1997

Lecture Syllabus (50-100 min each lecture)

Lecture 1: Introduction.
Lecture 2: State-space model: Concepts and simple example.
Lecture 3: State-space model: More examples.
Lecture 4: State-space model: Simulation diagram method.
Lecture 5: State-space model: Controllable and cascade realizations.
Lecture 6: State-space model: Parallel realization and a complete example.
Lecture 7: Solution of continuous-time linear state-space model.
Lecture 8: How to compute
Lecture 9: Sampling a state-space model.
Lecture 10: Solution of discrete-time state-space model.
Lecture 11: The pulse transfer operator.
Lecture 12: More examples.
Lecture 13: The z-transform and pulse-transfer function.
Lecture 14: Poles and zeros.
Lecture 15: Stability: Concepts.
Lecture 16: Jury’s stability criterion.
Lecture 17: Lyapunov stability theorem.
Lecture 18: Sensitivity and robustness.
Lecture 19: Controllability.
Lecture 20: Observability.
Lecture 21: State feedback and output feedback.
Lecture 22: Pole-placement using state feedback.
Lecture 23: Observers for discrete-time systems.
Lecture 24: Observers for continuous-time systems.
Lecture 25: Output feedback.
Lecture 26: Disturbance rejection.
Lecture 27: The servo problem.
Lecture 28: Optimal control.
Lecture 29: Overview and general discussion


Homeworks (10%), Midterm (15%), Final (75%).


Prof. Li-Xin Wang, Rm 2430, Email: eewang, Phone: 7068.
Office Hour: Monday 2-5pm.