Upgrade Stave Assembly and Robotics

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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


M. Gilchriese

Upgrade Stave Assembly and

August 3, 2007


M. Gilchriese



Stave concept, briefly, for silicon strips detectors

scale object that integrates

Local mechanical support and (in some concepts) cooling

Silicon detectors

Hybrids with IC electronics

Power and control distribution

Optical interface (in some concepts)

Stave is then placed on global support

A range of stave concepts exists

Fully integrated

Mechanics and cooling in single object

Power/control cable glued to local mechanical support

Silicon(with hybrids/ICs) glued directly

Optical interface at end

Partially integrated, many variants

Mechanics and cooling may be partly integrated(rest of cooling in global support)

Individual modules bolted to local support structure

Optical interface may be distributed

Note that stave concept in use in ATLAS

pixels were done this way

M. Gilchriese


Example Concepts

M. Gilchriese


Supports and Robotics

Global support

not addressed today, no significant interfaces to type of
robotic assembly we are discussing today (but note current barrel SCT used
robotic assembly of individual modules on global support)

Assembly of stave mechanical/cooling local supports

For barrel region there are roughly 400
800 of these to make (depends on
layout, if they are 1m or 2m long). Plus prototyping, preproduction….

Significant sub
component assembly by industry

Final assembly could be industrial, fully in
house or mixture. Too soon to tell.

Use of robotics in this process, I believe, depends significantly on type of stave
concept. Fully integrated less likely (fewer parts, simple)

We are working on fully integrated at LBL. Would I use robotics for assembly
of local supports? Likely not. Surely not if also involved in silicon module
robotic assembly

too much up
front investment needed.

Not familiar enough with other concepts to judge about use of robotics

Bottom line, in my opinion

concentrate today on robotics for
detector/hybrid assembly and placement on local supports. Come back to
possible robotic assembly of local supports later.

M. Gilchriese


Integrated Stave

Robotic Interface

Discuss prototype parts

on table, not in this presentation

Assume mechanical/cooling staves are made separately and cable attached

Need to define interfaces (a) handling and (b) fiducial marks and metrology(I assume this
must be solely optical, no touch). (b) requires serious work.

Rough align “core” in fixture and robot finds fiducials to define coordinate system
for silicon placement

Glue dispense

Pick and place pretested silicon module(and I guess optical interface board)

Repeat (one side).

Flip (by hand)

Do other side

Integrated metrology (survey)?

Or separate instrument?

Pick up and take to wire bonding (assumes have demonstrated that wire bonding
does not move detectors)



Test/Final QC/QA



Items in Red in robotic cell