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“One of only 60 Search Engine Optimization firms reviewed by Marketing Sherpa from 2001-2004.”

Toll Free: 1-877-451-0859

Instead of looking for customers, what if they found you? Connecting customers who
are searching for what you sell or offer is the power of search engines. We specialize in helping
you harness this power.

To use the power of search engines you’ll need a search marketing (SEM) plan. There
are two basic processes: (1) search engine optimization (SEO), and (2) paid search advertising
also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Search marketing is permission-based marketing – providing people with what they are
actively seeking – so it offers higher conversion rates and ROI than many other forms of
marketing and advertising.

Search Engine Marketing / Optimization Services

 Search Engine Optimization Packages (SEO) – Help your site rank higher in the free
or “organic” listings across the top search engines. We offer Localized/regional search
packages as well.
 Link Popularity Building and Reporting –Finds out who is linking to your site, and
works to get you good quality links online, driving more visitors as well as better rankings.
 Online Publicity Campaigns – Optimizes your press releases for the engines and
distributes them online to maximize your online visibility.
 Paid Search Advertising (Pay-Per-Click) & Campaign Management – Account setup
and management. Per Marketing Sherpa - Balancing and blending SEO and PPC
strategies effectively can reduce your per-visitor cost by up to 39%.

Our Client’s Success is Our Success:

“We started out by optimizing 6 pages…It was at the time an enormous investment, and I was frightened
by it. But it was enormously successful. Within 12 weeks we were getting phone calls from out-of-state
from people who were now able to find us. Literally every new customer coming in now says, I’m on your
website right now or I’ve found you doing a search…You know it’s unaffordable for small business to
advertise and I think it’s just been key to letting us step into the bigger market.”
Megan Duckett
Owner of Sew What? Inc.
It’s the use of technology that has earned Sew What?, Inc. the 2006 Dell/National Federation of Independent
Business (NFIB) Small Business Excellence Award. Through its broadened ability to reach customers over
the Internet, Sew What? has grown 45 percent in the last 18 months alone and now boasts clientele from New
York to Athens to Sydney.
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