Outsourcing of Website design and Mobile Application development to GDV

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Outsourcing of Website design and Mobile Application development

to GDV

GDV Global Digital Vision Pty Ltd
is a unique design firm offering a variety of services from basic
Website Design to complete e
commerce website development
, and from Online
Applications to
Mobile Application development
. Our


have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of
style, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices,
mobile application tools and
and the ability to turn
your ideas into reality

As a

and mobile application

design company we
at GDV
offer complete web design solutions,
where our clients are benefited to have all reciprocal s
olutions under a single roof
. Our company is
capable of providing high qualit
y; cost
effective; mission
itical outsource services
. At this knowledge
age, knowledge is the key and our knowledge base in latest web designing and
search engine algorithm, global web designing practices
, mobile application and mob
ile platform

etc makes the end product contemporary and futuristic.

GDV offers a plethora of services including:

1. Website design,

2. Website development,

3. Web application development,

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

5. Graphic Desi

6. E
commerce & Shopping Cart Solutions,

7. Business Solutions,

8. E

9. Multimedia,

10. Content Management Solution,

11. Customized Online Application,

12. Mobile applications,

13. Mobile Internet Solution,

14,.Web Hosting,

15. Dom
ain Name Registration and

16. Logo/business card/head letter graphical design

Why us?

In a competitive IT market, it is difficult to know about a company’s differentiators especially when
many of them offer similar or even the same set of services. In an effort to help you find a strategic
term business partner within us, we encourage
you to read the following.

High Quality Service at Reduced Labour Costs

The effective labo
r management solution that we
implement allows us

to provide you high quality service at much reduced costs. Our well established
development and management proc
esses in combination with client’s engagement,


and comprehensive testing & verification ensure high quality standards of our
deliverables and 100% customer satisfaction.

Management Capabilities

Our management staff consists of indu
stry’s best Account Managers and
Business Analysts that makes us proud on our management capabilities. These capabilities are
reflected in the fact that GDV is managing the business really well since many years. We presently
manage many projects from vario
us clients. Our management utilizes policies and procedures that
are constantly monitored and updated to achieve continuous improvements and meet requirements of
each project.

Rich IT Experience

The rich experience across various industry segments in bo
th application
development and mobile industry gives us a sharp edge over our competitors. We have successfully
completed varied sized projects in business and technology domains. We are thus capable of offering
all IT
related services under one roof, rang
ing from Custom Web Design and Development, Online
Promotions, E business solutions and Mobile Based Solutions.

Decreased Time

We have employed a

vast database of employees to make sure that your
product/service reaches the market (web world)
within the minimized time bracket. This however does
not mean that we compromise with the quality. Quality of our software and services is of pertinent
importance to us. We go the full cycle and reach every TTM step to attain an uncompromised quality
in ou
r service.

Lucid Track Record

As your project traverses through the project management chain, you can, at
any time demand to know the details and offer your suggestions to implementation. We engage you
at all levels of project deployment.


We are committed to our decisions in both positive and adverse situations. By
venturing into a project with GDV, you can assure yourself of a committed service provider. We are
sure of fulfilling all our commitment

whether it pertains to our
clients, cost incurred on projects, or
quality we attempt to achieve.

Single Window Services' Facility

We offer multiple IT services under a single umbrella that make us a
preferred service provider. Right from the fundamentals of starting a website li
ke Web Designing,
Web Development to Search Engine Optimization, E
marketing, Content Management Solution,
Database Web Solutions and WAP, Graphic Design, Mobile Application, Integrated Mobile Internet
Solution and Mobile Gaming services, we undertake all

whether small or large scaled.

Flexible Resource Allocation

The employees at GDV achieve the targets unitedly and make ‘work’ an
exciting, pertinent and compelling experience. For a smooth work path and sharing of responsibilities,
we have tea
ms of Web Designers, Web Developers, Search Engine Optimizers, Marketing
Executives and Mobile Application and Solution Developers that share the work and aid you at
various execution levels.

End Infrastructure


deployment center


marked by a

robust and state
infrastructure with reliable hardware set
up. Excellent Network connectivity and reliable IT set
minimizes all chances of work delays. As a precautionary measure to data loss, we incorporate data
recovery and server restorat
ion systems to ensure smooth operation.

So, outsou
rce your IT design& development&
implementation activities

to us

and focus on
your key services
. The

IT design and development


to GDV
will allow you
enjoy time deliveries, quality
designs, and affordable prices for services that are not your my
stream of services, or you could not cover yourself for various reasons. You may be better off
if outsource it us than to hire staff and do yourself.


offers for outsourcing will be asses
sed based on amount

of work
, continuous flow of
work and prices offered.