Marketing in the Google Era

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Marketing in the
Google Era
How To Achieve Top Search Engine Results

Find websites, blogs

Find people

Find locations, maps

Find images

Find videos
People use Google to...
Search Engine Optimization

Key to any successful Internet Marketing Strategy.

Process of strategic placing, analysis and working of
keyword of text on a particular website to enable
optimum search engine rankings.
Organic Search Engine Results

Natural search results are free and get 4X as much traffic

On page optimization

Off page optimization

Both have equal importance
Popular Strategies
On Page Optimization

Contains all the elements and factors in good search
engine ranking which you control - your CONTENT.

Examples are:



Page Names ( my-very-important-webpage.html )


Having good, well-produced
content on your website is
your first priority

Content includes audio,
video, text and images.
Content is King
Content Development

Create an Excel spreadsheet
to organize your content

Write down a list of potential
titles or pieces of content

Well-written content and
carefully selected keywords
are the keys of a balanced
on-page strategy

Use keyword research tools
to find the most searched
for terms in your industry
Keywords are Queen
Keyword Research

Start an Excel spreadsheet to
manage all your keywords

Organize keywords into groups
by topic or subject matter
Website Content Ideas
If you are selling products
, you could create a web page
or video for each type of product you sell.
If you are selling consulting services
, you could develop
a case study or audio recording of how you solved a difficult
problem for a customer.
If you are non-profit website
, you could write about
existing projects and future plans for your organization.
Off Page Optimization

Contains all the elements and factors in good search
engine ranking which you don’t directly control...

You can influence others to help you

Examples are:

Directory listings (Yahoo! Directory, Best of the Web)

Press releases (PRWeb,

Links pages on related websites

Reviews on blogs
Elements of Off Page Optimization
Link Popularity
: How many links point to your website?
Link Relevancy
: Are the links from websites in the same
industry or from authority websites?
Anchor Text
: The
active text
used to enable the link to
your website. Does is say your business name or keyword?
Search Engine Saturation
: How many pages to you have
included in Google? A website with more pages is perceived
to be more authoritative.
The Value of Links
Many search engine marketers consider that links are the most
important factor in getting those all important natural (non-paid)
search engine results.

Authority Links

Directory Links

Reciprocal Links

Press Release Links

Blog Links
Action Items
Dominate your industry by focusing on search engine

Organize your existing content

Discover which keywords are most searched for

Get links from blogs, press releases and other websites

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Thank You!
How To Achieve Top Search Engine Results
Marketing in the
Google Era