Integrating Web Self-Service Technologies with Search Engine Marketing Strategies

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Integrating Web Self-Service Technologies
with Search Engine Marketing Strategies
 

We’re the technology folks behind the
Oklahoma Marriage Initiative

We’ve been in the SEO business for 10 years

We build systems for OK DHS
 
TECHNICAL: How are the
search engines reacting to our
MARKETING: How do our customers
interact with our content?
BUSINESS: What is the
purpose of our
 

May fail to achieve search engine visibility

May fail to connect to customer base
Failure in either area means loss of ROI!

 !" 
Good News: Expensive technology not required.
Bad News: Implementing the strategies after construction
could require a rewrite.


Visibility –How do you achieve it?

Traffic -Quantify the doorways to the site

Results –Define metrics, interpret results

Radio ads


Print advertising

Anything that publishes
your domain to the

Search engine listing


Online reports with
embedded links

Search engine ads
Offline Referrals
Online Referrals
$%*+ 
Search Engine Spiders are software programs that mine the web
and return information to their home base.
These spiders return information such as:

File names –for everything on the website whether it is a
webpage, image, video or downloadable software program.

Directory information –Server directories are much like the file
manager of your own computer. Each directory is a folder
containing files to be accessed.

URL information –the path to follow to find each directory and
file available for access

Keywords and Keyword Phrases (KWP) -these may be collected
not only from the main text of the webpage but also every image
alt tag, caption, link descriptions, and meta tags.
$%*+ 

What KWP are found on your site?

What level or rank does your content have
over others?

Content layout -prominence

Content density –how rich is it with KWP

Inbound Links (IBL) –how many other sites link to
Each search engine has its own method for determining these
results –algorithms.
$%,+ 
April 2008
MSNAsk JeevesAOLGoogleNetscape
18 - 24
25 - 3416%18%
35 - 4425%
45 - 5424%
55 - 6412%
65 +
w/ children47.90%39%
Average is $64K
Average is $77K
Average age is 43Average age is 43
$%,- .
More men use Google. More women use
Yahoo (not shown).
&&*'/0 /  
You must discover how your customer
describes your services when they search
Most of the time, “find daycare”is better than
“provider locator”
How appealing is your description?
Sites are usually
planned from the top
...when the
bottom up is most
•Walk through their
•Imagine the success
•Finally, build the

 

Understand Your Goals

Use your market profiles

Locate your market online with keyword

Walk through their clicks

Imagine the success scenarios

Finally, build the content
Do this last!

Build your content “top down”with the conclusion at the top of
the page

Watch for boredom points
–these things matter to individuals
in the company who do not represent the target market

Highlight keywords

One idea per paragraph

Meaningful subheadings

½the content of other types of writings

Consider the “F”pattern

People tend to read more at the top and less at the bottom

Pictures of attractive people (not models) looking at the visitor
can help convey key ideas

Pictures that are useful (visual aids) and not decoration

 
*" 

Make your offering clear and concise

Explain your USP / advantage

Ask for the sale / provide next steps to the
The FUN stuff should drive the visitor towards the goal
)+ )2 3
Using the search counts we can estimate traffic.
48672californiaauto warranty
189444californiacar warranty
18746californiaextended warranty
40306californiaextended auto warranty
128007californiaextended car warranty
196788californiacar extended warranty
37138californiaauto extended warranty
75911californiaextended auto warranties
Competing24 HrPhrases
),+ )*%#

Using standard conversion ratios
11 (per 24 hours) x 30 days per month = 330
330 impressions x .10 = 33 leads per month
33 x .10 = 3.3 sales per month
From “californiaextended auto warranties”
The site must be designed for conversion, the
campaign must be built around conversion.
)*- 1%
“Return on Investment”–what did I get for my effort?
Have my marketing goals been met?
Defining benchmarks and metrics at the initiation
of the campaign will provide the baseline for
determining success or failure. Positioning
cannot be the goal.
The number of times a form is viewed compared to the number of times
the form is actually filled out and submitted. These forms may include:

Contact forms

Confirmation pages

Search forms

Application forms

Submitted form data can help us determine what users are searching

Unique URLs accessed from promotional elements can help us
measure traffic routes through the website

Unique 800 numbers are also a good source of stats in plans where a
customer may be more likely to call in their order. Without thisphone
leads attributed to the online marketing plan will be difficult to quantify.

Making comparisons between lead statistics, referrals and visitscan
help us measure the ROI success of the marketing plan.
Several measurements are calculated from traffic statistics:

Page Views and Visits from the Traffic Activity Summary

This summary report shows us 6 months of data at a time which can be useful for detecting industry trends at
a glance. We may also view time spend per visit when researchingresults.


This report will show how many times each page of the website has been viewed for the month.

Entry Pages

Knowing which pages a site has been entered on can be useful. Especially when measuring search engine
effectiveness. Most visitors will enter through the default page. Visitors entering the site through any other
page must arrive from a specific link such as a marketed page listing in the search engines or a url saved to a
visitors favorites from a previous visit.

Exit pages

Knowing which pages are exited from the most can help us detect where a visitor may be getting lost and
leaving at site. On the other hand many visitors may leave aftercompleting a contact form or a purchase.

Search Engines

This report reveals how many visitors are being referred from the search engines and which ones. The ratio
of search referrals to visits is influenced by many things such as return visitors and brand awareness.

Search Phrases

This report is utilized much like the 24 hour count reports for a marketing plan. This report will help us with the
trend for your website visitors making it the more valuable report over time until a change to marketed
phrases is desired.

Geographical reports

Depending on the goals of the marketing plan this report may be utilized to track international sources.
Sample reports