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Remaking Eden Chapter Prologue

Write your opinion about whether you think parents should determine the gender of their
child, be sure and state the advantages and disadvantages of your opinion:

Write your opinion about whether you think parents should genetically engineer their children
not to be fat nor alcoholic, be sure and state the advantages and disadvantages of your opinion:

Write your opinion about whether we should genetically engineer

people to be free of diseases
such as AIDS, be sure and state the advantages and disadvantages of your opinion:

Write your opinion about whether you believe that people should be selected for certain career
paths based on their superior or inferior gen
otype, be sure to state the advantages and
disadvantages of your opinion.

State what we do in society today that pre
selects people for certain career paths based on
their genotype, be sure to include
what institutions are engaging in the practice you

What is reprogenetics and how is it used?

Define IVF and give one example of how it is used:

Chapter 1 Remaking Eden

What is the distinction between bio
life and a

as described by the author

characteristics did the a
life have that is the same as bio
life? Pg19

After reading this chapter, and using the scientific language of this chapter, describe why there
is controversy over when life begins.

Chapter 2 Remaking Eden

Diagram the
and what happens when it divides using

all of the vocabulary from this

What are the building blocks of proteins?

What is meant by the statement: ‘improbable events can become probable over time.’

Choose one of t
he theories about the origins of life in this chapter, describe it, defend it, and
provide at least three reasons why you think it is true.

Chapter 3 Re
making Eden

List all of the reproductive vocabulary from this chapter and define each term

Remaking Eden: Chapter 4 From Your First Cell to You


What can be said about an 8 cell embryo?


What makes a 16 cell embryo different from an 8 cell embryo? (other than # of cells)


Define differentiation. What does this normally do to a cell’s potenti


What happens to a cell once it undergoes differentiation?


What is a terminally differentiated cell?


What is a stem cell?


All cells have the same genetic information, why don’t they look or act the same?


Cells differentiate in response to various

types of _________________________.


How do cells respond to signals?


Why could it be said that a woman with an embryo inside is not pregnant during the first week
after ovulation?


What is hatching?


What event marks the start of implantation?



why you can still have identical twins even after implantation?


When do middle embryonic cells begin to differentiate?


Why is it that the entire embryo does not become the fetus?


What is a primitive streak?


What causes the shift in terminology from emb
ryo to fetus?


What is quickening?


Between 18
22 weeks, when a fetus “kicks” it legs, is the fetus consciously “kicking”? Explain.


What 2 important milestones occur between the 24

and 26

weeks after conception?

Chapter5 Babies Without Sex


What is the “surprising revelation” that is talked about at the beginning of this chapter?


What is AI?


How is AI different from DI?


From a 1991
Washington Post

article, what upset the British legislators the most?


Why does the Vatican condemn IVF?


ow is GIFT different from IVF? Why would this be more acceptable to the Vatican?


Except for AI, all reprogenetic possibilities will build upon what foundation?

Remaking Eden Chapter 6

List and describe the process of all the ways that gametes can be fer
tilized as described in this

Chapter 7 Remaking Eden

Can an embryo that is cryogenically frozen be orphaned if the male and female that supplied
the gametes die? (remember an embryo is not a fetus) why or why not?

When an

embryo is sold to a couple and implanted in the female who later delivers a healthy
baby, and the 6 year old child is later claimed to belong to the ‘natural’ mother should the baby
be returned to the female that produced the egg cell this child came from
? Why or Why not?

If a couple stores several embryos and then divorces, who should decide what happens to the

If an eccentric millionaire and his eccentric wife decide to have their embryos implanted into a
female and their child is born
50 years after they die, should they be allowed to do this? Why or
why not?

Why are the above stated concerns called ethical dilemmas?

Remaking Eden Chapter 8

Who was the sheep named Dolly and why was the origin of that sheep such
a big deal?

How was the word clone first defined?

Why has that definition changed?

Construct a timeline of all of the cloning events described in this chapter prior and up to Dolly.
On the timeline make sure to place: the date, the event, the
scientist and the place the
procedure was done (you may have to do some internet research)

Remaking Eden Chapter 9

Has a human being ever been cloned? Why or why not?

List three reasons people fear cloning.

State your opinion about whether

you think the cloning of humans is wrong. Be sure to include
the advantages and disadvantages supporting your opinion.

Remaking Eden Chapter 10

What kind of medical interventions could rise out of cloning technology? Describe what these
ntions are, how they work, and why they might help patients.

Remaking Eden Chapter 11

What three biological ingredients are necessary to bring forth a newborn?

What percentage of couples are successful at IVF?

What are some other barriers to

Remaking Eden Chapter 12

What is surrogacy and how is it used to reproduce children?

What are some barriers to surrogacy?

Why is the surrogate industry booming?

Remaking Eden Chapter 13

What is donor insemination and how does it work?

Between 1986 and 1987 approximately how many inseminations were offered in the US and
how many babies resulted?

When and where was the first egg donated pregnancy achieved?

Why do you think this did not occur in the United States?

What are the

advantages of egg donation over surrogacy?

Who is the founding father of eugenics and when did he / she live?

What is DI eugenics?

Why is the practice of DI controversial?

Remaking Eden Chapter 14

Why is it said that ‘identical twin sisters can

both be considered genetic mothers of any child
conceived from eggs produced by either woman’?

When are the immature oocytes in a woman’s ovaries formed?

What did John Eppig accomplish in 1995 at Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor Maine?

Why is
this accomplishment significant?

Why would this practice be controversial in the eyes of bioethicists?

When is sperm produced by the male body?

How is a spermatogonial cell transplanted?

Why were bioethicists concerned about this practice?

Remaking Eden Chapter 15

How could you produce a double
mothered girl child?

How did Tarkowski produce a chimera?

How is the practice of sperm sorting done?

What is Chorionic Villus Sampling and why is it done?

Remaking Eden Chapter

Why did the practice of IVF have to be perfected before a man could be

Why is the proper hormone environment necessary to maintain a pregnancy?

What are hormones?

Why is an abdominal pregnancy considered ‘life threatening to the
mother and

Why is an abdominal pregnancy a difficult deliver?

Remaking Eden Chapter 17

What does it mean to be ‘predisposed’ for a genetic disorder?

What does it mean to be a ‘carrier’ of a genetic disorder? Please feel free to use a
pedigree to illustrate your definition.

What is PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis?

What technology and genetic replication process make copying DNA possible?

What are the five technical problems that must be solved before a ‘virtual child

as the book calls it can be a reality?

What is a DNA chip?

What is ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ selection as it relates to genetic selection?

What type of genetic selection, if any, do you believe is okay? Why? (note

book gives several examples of what is wrong with genetic selection use these to
guide your answer)

Remaking Eden Chapter 18

After reading 18 chapters of this book, answer the question: What’s the purpose
of genetic engineering in your own word
s and thoughts. Please make sure that
your answer is at least 500 words in length.