NOGS External Affairs Committee November 2009 Report

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Nov 8, 2013 (7 years and 10 months ago)


NOGS External Affairs Committee November 2009 Report


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November 24, 2009
7:51 AM

Oil Dips Toward $77

Uganda Reportedly Delays Heritage Sale to Eni

Oil India on Prowl for Produ
cing Property

Woodside Starts Record Drilling Effort for Pluto Gas

Woodside Petroleum CEO Defends Loss of Apache Gas Deal

Oil Sands Threaten Survival, Gore Says

Ohio Refinery Restarts

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“We Are AAPG” Video

DPA Introduces Online Ethics Training

wwwUpdate Blog

More interviews from Denver

Another batch of vi
deos is now available both in…

AAPG Student Outlook

With the AAPG Book Gift the Holidays C
ome Early for Chapters

Has your chapter had its eyes on some AAPG publications,…

DC Blog

North Sea is Europe’s carbon “sink”

According to Norwegian scientist Erik Lindeburgh the North Sea…



Ultra Deepwater Geoscience Technology Workshop: Invitation to Submit a
Presentation Proposal

The Deepwater

Ultra Deepwater Reservoirs Geosciences Technology Workshop,…

State and Federal Legislative Activity

Follow the legislative activity in your state or on the federal level. Learn what the various states
are passing or proposing within their legislatures. See what could impact registration and
for geoscientists. Hundreds of house and senate bills and resolutions may be monitored.
Simply click on a topic and then the highlighted state or look at all legislature to read the bill,
follow its status and find out who the sponsor is.

Fall 2009

Ethics Course Online

The first in a series of the ethics courses and examinations is now online!
“The Ethics
Storybooks with T
ales from the Oil Patch’ by John Gibson
is a video that takes about an hour
to complete along with questions that follow. Watch the video as many times as you like.
Successfully completing the questions qualifies each person
for one (1) Professional
pment Hour (PDH).

Oil and Gas Related Tax Issues in President Obama’s FY2010 Budget


AAPG 2010 Congressional Visits Day

May 10
12, 2010

Planning is underway for the AAPG 2010 Congress
ional Visits Day. Registration has not yet
opened for this event.

But if you would like more information as it becomes available, please
send an email

with contact information indicating your interest and we will add you to our
contact list.

Washington Watch

Monthly column written by Da
vid Curtiss, GEO
DC Director for the
AAPG Explorer


News & Announcements

D Revision 3.0 Digital Tape Standard is available for download

GWB expands to Australia

View Annual Meeting photos and articles

Call for papers

The Leading Edge May Special Section

SEAM announces Call for vendors

Interpreter Sam becomes res

2010 Executive Committee announced

Learn how you can help the SEG Foundation



Distinguished Lecture Program

Honorary Lecture Program

Upcoming courses

Meetings & Events

Meetings calendar

Annual Meeting 2009


SPE launches new journal

SPE Economics & Management

SPE Economics & Management

covers the business side of petroleum engineering

management, port
folio planning, strategic decision
making, knowledge management, petroleum
economics, and more. Available online only, access to the first issue is free to members (login
Read more

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professionals who are dedicated to enhancing the technical and professional excellence in the
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2010 online now

SPE and SEG Sign Agreement for Intersociety Cooperation

The Society of Petroleum Engineer
s (SPE) and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)
have formalized an agreement for intersociety cooperation to benefit their global membership
through joint events, programs and services.
Read more

Video and pictures from the ATCE 2009

Click here

to watch the speech from SPE 2010 President Behro
oz Fattahi. Photos from student
events are available on the
SPE Facebook page

SPE Recognizes Certified, Licensed, Chartered Members

New to is a listing of SPE members who have completed the require
ments and exam for
SPE Petroleum Engineering Certification Program

SPE Columns

2010 SPE

Behrooz Fattahi

resses involvement and volunteerism >>

Past SPE President
Arlie Skov

takes a look at the past and the lessons learned >>



Monthly Technical Meeting/Symposium, SEG DL,
Science Fair

Monthly Technical Meeting

Weather Update 11/09/09

Looking at the current track of Hurricane Ida the storm is projected to skirt the mouth of the
Mississippi and head over the Gulf South of Alabama probably making landfall at the Western

of the Florida panhandle. To that end the SGS Executive Committee have decided to
continue to host our Technical Symposium 2009, tomorrow, November 10

at the newly
renovated Roosevelt Hotel. The weather should not be an issue. This is in lieu of a Techn
Luncheon in November. See the

section for more details. Click here for a
map and

Cost: $30.00 members, $35.00 non
members plus $40.00 for lunch

SEG Fall Distinguished Lecturer at SWLGS

Our Sibling Chapter in Lafayette, the South West Louisiana Geophysical Society hosts the
Fall Distinguished Lecturer
, Craig Beasley, discussing Lessons Learned from Simultaneous
Source Investigations on November 10
. Check out the

website for more details. The
Petroleum Club of Lafayette. Click here for a
map and directions

Cost: $15.00 SWLGS members, $17.00 guests

John Curtis Christian Science Fair

John Curtis Christian Science Fair is coming and they really need Science Fair Judges. If you
could help out or know of anyone who could hel
p out please contact (call or e
mail) Cathy


Grade Science Fair (4 Categories: Biology, Math & Computers, Physical Science and
Earth & Space). Approximately 150 projects.

Date: Tuesday December 1
, 2009

Location: Girls Gym,
10125 Jefferson Highway, River Ridge, LA

Time: 9am


You are welcome to come and leave when you need to!


Grade Science F
air (Categories listed at:
). Approximately 100
150 projects

try and select the better ones

to compete for the judging.

Date: Tuesday December 15
, 2009

Location: Girls Gym,
10125 Jefferson Highway, River Ridge, LA

Time: 9am


Again, you are welcome to come and leave when you need to!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e
mail or call: Cathy Boucvalt

John Curtis Christian, 10125 Jefferso
n Highway, River Ridge, LA 70123

School Phone: (504) 737
4621, Cathy's Cellphone: (504) 236

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are made possible by corporate donations and member sponsorship of our
Tournament Fundraiser

held at Money Hill Golf & Country Club annually in the Spring. The
SGS thanks you all for your continued support.

Congratulations to the Bill Blair Scholarship Award 2009 Recipient: Monica Landeche (Mount
Carmel Acad
emy, Louisiana State University)

Congratulations to the University Earth Science Award 2009 Recipients: LSU: D'Aquin John,
UNO: Arslan Tashmukhambetov

Our parent society SEG also runs a Scholarship Program. If you have any questions in regard to
the SEG

Scholarship please e

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Golf Tournament

The 2009 SGS Golf Tournament

was held Thursday March 19
, the day after the Central Gulf of
Mexico Lease Sale 208. We had ~20 teams signed up who enjoyed beautiful weather,

a crawfish boil and, as always, good times. Funds raised here are allocated by the
Scholarship Committee to High School and University Students.

2008 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors:


Gold Sponsors: Geokinetics, Geophysical Pursuit, LLOG, Seismic Exchange, Woodside

Silver Sponsors: Fairfield Industries, OMNI, PGS

Hole Sponsors: Petrolog, Baker Atlas, Geophysical Pursuit, Seismic Exchange, W & T Offshore,
Seis, Fairfield
Industries, Woodside, VSFusion, CGGVeritas, McMoRan Oil & Gas, (Taylor)
Ankor Energy, Hydrate Energy International, TGS
Nopec, Halliburton, Baker Hughes INTEQ,
Schlumberger, WesternGeco, OMNI Labs, LLOG Exploration

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now! Archive editions of Reflections can be found

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Symposium 2009 & API Joint Societies Luncheon

Coinciding with the API Joint Socities Luncheon, the SGS will be hosting a technical

November 10, 2009 focusing on the areas of the United States OCS that may be
open to exploration in the near future. Offshore

drilling was a hot topic in the 2008 presidential
election, and it promises to be a hot
button issue in the years going forward. Many assumptions
and statements have been made about the impact of such drilling, and as a society we feel we
could provide a
forum to discuss many of these issues.

New data is being shot over areas never before available for leasing. On November 12, 2008 the
MMS announced they have "...taken the first step in a multi
year leasing process to hold a sale
for acreage offshore Virgi
nia..." Commodity price fluctuations have amplified the need to
increase domestic supplies.

Topics to be addressed at the symposium will include regulatory, data and prospectivity issues
associated with the new areas.

Offshore Virginia has been opened, what are the next steps?

When will the potential lifting of other OCS areas result in drilling?

What is the potential for hydrocarbon accumulations?

What will the new President and Congress do?


2009 SGS Sympo
Register via PayPal

for the 2009 SGS Symposium.


Latest News at SPWLA

11/16/2009 15:02:50


The SPWLA is presently moving its webserver to a new hosting service.


il we get a new SSL certificate, you will get warnings
about expired certificates if you go to pay your dues.

While it is still secure,

we hope
to have the new SSL certificate in place in the next few days.

You may also encounter a few other 'bugs' as we

transition the server.

We apologize
for the inconvenience.


is a new multi
society library hosted by SPE where you can search for and
purchase documents from multiple societies in a singl
e transaction. Current
participants include American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA), NACE
International, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Society of Petrophysicists and
Well Log Analysts (SPWLA), and World Petroleum Council (WPC). OnePetro is the
irst online availability of individual ARMA and WPC documents. OnePetro is
expected to continue to grow as new organizations join.

Please note that SPWLA members cannot download any of their 10 free papers from

2nd SPWLA India Regional Symposium

Innovations in Petrophysical Evaluation
of Unconventional Reservoirs

Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, India

20th Nov. 2009

preliminary agenda

online registration now open!

Abu Dhabi Topi
cal Conference

Carbonate Reservoir Rock Typing

18 February 2010,

Hilton Abu Dhabi Hotel, Abu Dhabi

010 SPWLA Annual Symposium

The 51st Annual SPWLA Symposium will be held in Perth, Aust

23 June,

2006 SPWLA Survey Results

the 2006 SPWLA survey results are now available (members only)


SPWLA Publication search engine and paper download

contains Symposium
Transaction papers up through 2006 and Journal articles through 2004 on
line for
search and download.

(Remember, members can downlo
ad 10 papers/year for free)


The Canadian Well Logging Society now has its past publications also


SPWLA History

In 2009, the SPWLA will celebrate its 50th
anniversary. In recognition of this
upcoming anniversary, an effort is underway to preserve the history of the people and
technology that have been part of the SPWLA family for the last fifty years. If you
have pictures, information, stories, or tidbits of

trivia, please send them to
. If you do attach pictures, please remember to include a description
and a list of the people's names if possible. If you have actual prints or other hard copy
items you

d like to contribute, please mail them to Vicki King at the SPWLA office

8866 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77017

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Logging History

Reprints of the logging roundtable discussion and logging history article that have
recently appeared in Hart's


SPE Delta Section


SPE General Meeting

Byrne SPE Distinguished


Michael Byrne

SPE Distinguished
Lecturer, Senergy, Ltd Formation

Any Time, Any Place, Any


Holiday Inn Superdome

Northshore Chevron


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SPE General Meeting

Steven M.
Tipton, Distinguished Lecturer


Steven M. Tipton UNIVERSITY OF
A Why Coiled Tubing Fails and
How to Avoid Failures in Your Well

Holiday Inn Superdome

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Michael Fogarty


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