Chemistry 2374A: Thermodynamics


Oct 27, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


The University of Western Ontario
Department of Chemistry
Chemistry 2374A: Thermodynamics
Course Outline (Fall 2013)
Lars Konermann
M/W/F 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Western Science Centre, Room WSC55
Recommended text, will also be used for Chem2384B and Chem3374A:
Physical Chemistry, 9th edition, by Atkins and dePaula (Freeman).
On-line Resource:
Notes and assignments will be available online through OWL (
Please print the lecture notes, and bring them with you to class. If you want to save paper,
use the "multiple pages per sheet" option of your printer.
Office Hours:
Will be announced in class. Dr. Konermann’s office is in the Biological and Geological
Sciences Building, room B&G 2016.
Assignments (there will be several assignments throughout the term) 15 %
Midterm exam (Thursday, Oct. 24, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., room(s) TBA) 40 %
Final Exam (will be scheduled by the Registrar's office, details TBA) 45 %
There will be no "make-up" midterm exam or "make-up" assignments. If you miss the
midterm with a valid excuse, your overall mark will be based on final exam and
assignments. If you miss assignment(s) with a valid excuse, your overall mark will be
based on midterm, final exam and the remaining assignments.
What to do if you miss midterm or assignment(s):
Contact one of the counselors in the Dean's office and provide your documentation to
them. The Dean's office will then contact the course instructor.
Academic Calendar Course Description:
An introduction to classical thermodynamics. Topics to be covered include: Zeroth law of
thermodynamics, first law of thermodynamics, enthalpy, entropy, second and third law of
thermodynamics, Helmholtz and Gibbs energies, chemical potential, non-ideal gases,
phase diagrams, ideal and real solutions, properties of ionizing solvents, electrolyte
solutions, electrochemical cells.
A few mandatory disclaimers …
Accessibility Statement
Please contact the course instructor if you require material in an alternate format or if you
require any other arrangements to make this course more accessible to you. You may also
wish to contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) at 661-2111 x 82147 for
any specific question regarding an accommodation.
Prerequisites and Antirequisites
Unless you have either the requisites for this course or written special permission from
your Dean to enroll in it, you will be removed from this course and it will be deleted from
your record. This decision may not be appealed. You will receive no adjustment to your
fees in the event that you are dropped from a course for failing to have the necessary
prerequisites. For details specific to this course, please consult the current Western
Academic Calendar.
Students who are in emotional/mental distress
should refer to Mental Health@Western for a
complete list of options about how to obtain help.