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Nov 30, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



There are a number of methods and techniques for accomplishing this key process.
In this regard, biometrics is gaining increasing attention these days. Attendance
systems, having realized the value of biometrics, use biometrics for two basic
purposes: to v
erify or identify users. There is a number of biometrics and different
applications need different biometrics. Biometric is the most secure and convenient
authentication tool. It can not be borrowed, stolen, or forgotten and forging one is
practically Auth
entication plays a very critical role in Attendance
applications like e
commerce. impossible. Biometrics measure individual's unique
physical or behavioral characteristics to recognize or authenticate their identity.
Common physical biometrics incl
udes fingerprints, hand or palm geometry, retina,
iris, and facial characteristics. Behavioral characters characteristics include
signature, voice, keystroke pattern, and gait. Project deals with Identification,
Authentication and Setup of Attendance Syste
m using SM 630 Biometrics and
8051 Microcontroller. Beside Biometrics and 8051 Microcontroller the major
components required are LCD, General purpose PCB, PC interface. The
interfacing between 8051
LCD and 8051

SM 630 Biometrics Module (Thumb
Geometry re
cognition) is to be implemented.