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About Us

Wa Gono Communications offers an innovative, integrative, virtual approach to marketing and
communications. Founded by Thendo Ratshitanga, an entrepreneur with experience in business
management, public
policy, marketing and communications, Wa Gono Communications offers a
service to clients who recognise the benefits of working with a vibrant team of marketing

communications experts with the capacity to think strategically.

As a division of Wa Gono

Investments, Wa Gono Communications delivers solutions across the
spectrum of the marketing and communications arena: public relations


graphic design

website development

investor relations

financial advertising

annual report

corporate publications

and corporate identity.

Wa Gono Communications also offers facilitation, skills assessment and coaching expertise to
assist with the development and expansion of your corporate and business strategies.

We work with highly com
petent professionals with expertise in the advancement of ideas and the
skill to build broad coalitions and garner support. Our consultants are comfortable in dealing
with abstract ideas and concepts and able to convert and apply them creatively and approp
in the business context. They bring originality, inventiveness, sensitivity, resourcefulness, and an
abundant reserve of intellectual capital to the corporate context. They are also fun to work with
and have a flair for turning ideas into visuals t
hat make sense to your target audience.

Wa Gono Communications take a virtual

operational approach. We identify the best people for
the job from a pool of external specialist consultants and freelancers such as writers

editors/proof readers


DTP experts

and PR consultants. This approach allows us to
identify the right talent for your unique marketing challenges without carrying the burden of
unnecessary overheads. We match each client with the right resource based on an individual
t of need, and an understanding of appropriate marketing and communications

Our consultants’ competencies include:

Development of integrated marketing communications strategies

Project management

Implementation of marketing communication

Qualitative research (knowledge management)

Specialist writing

Strategic events management


Market and issues tracking

Training in media preparedness

Consulting related to public affairs, including stakeholder management, lobbyin
g, and
policy analysis for businesses

Creative design

Strategic brainstorming and the facilitation of strategy meetings

We take a novel approach to our clients’ business communication needs, drawing on our
experience with blue chip companies and
government departments.

About Wa Gono


Wa Gono Investments is an investment company with an interest in:

Professional Services:


Project management (Implementation of public funded municipal and provincial
government development projects)


Marketing communications


Import and Export

Social Impact Projects

for historically disadvantaged communities in South
rica by:


Raising sponsorships/funding for community projects



of our profits to worthy causes

The term “Wa Gono” originates from Thendo Ratshitanga’s family “mutupo”. Mutupo is a
Tshivenda word meaning praise or

rendition of a family’s genealogy. It is like a praise poem
and is usually sung by an elderly member of the family. Through oral history, a mutupo
communicates a family’s origins, ancestry and customs to subsequent generations.

“Wa Gono” means “the one
who has many cows”. The word “
ono” means a calf in Tshivenda.

Thendo Ratshitanga’s
ancestors, the Manenzhe, historically owned a large number of cattle on
farm in the far northern part of South Africa along the border with Zimbabwe. The
n was dispossessed of its land during the bitter days of colonialism and apartheid in South
Africa. The cattle were stolen by a Scotsman named Knott.

Since the South African democratic dispensation in 1994, the Manenzhes have been fighting to
reclaim the
ir land through the land restitution process.

The story goes that Manenzhe became known as Ratshitanga because one of the Manenzhe sons
preferred to stay at home in the “tshitanga” (kitchen) with
women when other men went to
the mountains to fight or

hunt. He was nicknamed “ratshitanga” (the one who stays in the
kitchen) and later adopted the name formally. The name was handed down to subsequent
generations. Thendo Ratshitanga is a fifth generation Ratshitanga.

One version of the family’s praise p
oem goes like this:

Ndou Mutavhanzindi

musina ndevhe a tshi vhona

mathina muthu ha sini ndevhe

musina ndevhe ndi mutupo

Galanga la munanga nia

lo vhonwa nga musatshavhembe Manezhe

Manenzhe wa gono

Vha ha Manenzhe ndi vharema na vhana

vhe nwana a
sa divhi Manenzhe u swifhala

a vhone nga swiswi la mvula

Ndi vha ha Makhuge Manenzhe

vha zwikashula zwi sa dali nga mvula u na

zwi dalaho nga ya mavhilivhili

Ndi vha ha Manenzhe

vha zwitanda zwa musimbiri

Vhe Makhuge ni mu bebe nga nwenda mutswu

tshilemba ni ite mbongolo

Hone na kundwa ni mu bebe nga ya namana”

Wa Gono Communications’

Wa Gono was founded by Thendo Ratshitanga, an entrepreneur with experience in business
management, public policy, marketing and communications. Between
1997 and 2003, Thendo
held several positions in the legislature and provincial government of Gauteng (South Africa),
including as Programme Director of the Legislature, Provincial Manager of the National Council
of Provinces (NCOP), Advisor to the Speaker,

Speechwriter for the Premier, and Director of
Policy Development.

He served as an Executive Director of Adcorp Holdings, a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed
company and Chairman of Adcorp Communications Solutions between 2004 and 2006.

He led a managem
ent buyout (MBO) to acquire two companies from Adcorp

Simeka TWS
Communications and Graphicor Pty (Ltd). He is currently the owner of Tshirundu and Wa Gono.

Ratshitanga has a Post
Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Development Management from
the Uni
versity of the Witwatersrand (Wits)

a Post
Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting
from the Boston University
in the USA;
and a Certificate in Programme Management

University of Pretoria’s
Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)

As an entrepreneur, Ratshitanga has extensive experience in business management


public policy development

and corporate marketing communications
. He also has
an extensive knowledge of
legislative issues. His responsibilities
have contributed to the
development of practical skills in operations



change management

business performance.

Ratshitanga has provided marketing communications services to companies and institutions
such as Adcorp Holdings; Stan
dard Charter Bank; Industrial Development Corporation (IDC);
Gidani and Uthingo (SA Lottery operating companies); Gauteng government; BP Africa; South
African Airways (SAA); Transnet; Webber Wenzel; University of the Free State; University of
Tswane; Sedib
eng Municipality; Government Communications and Information Systems
(GCIS); and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

His skills include business management (strategy and execution); integrated marketing
communications (advertising,
branding, marketing

graphic design publicity public relations
etc.); buying and selling companies; negotiations and change management; and sales marketing.
He has an in
depth understanding of corporate legal issues and labour relations issues.


leadership skills became evident when at the age of 16 he served on the national
executive committee of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS)

and after leaving
school was elected to the executive committee of the
South African Studen
ts’ Congress

Student politics laid the foundation for Ratshitanga’s involvement in a number of
ANC national for
, and contributed to his

as a strategist and communications
specialist. He continues to contribute his skills to various c
ivil society organisations on a
voluntary basis. He is also a member of professional bodies such as the Institute of Directors
(IoD) and the global Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO).

Wa Gono Communications


To develop innovative strategies and prod
ucts that deliver significant value for our clients.

Wa Gono Communications


We strive to foster customer loyalty by offering customized services and products that meet the
most authentic needs of our clients. We have a specific interest in the

corporate marketing
segment of medium to large organisations.

In our interactions with our clients, we evaluate the state of their business in relation to three key

Wa Gono Communications


The Wa Gono Communications brand grows
out of our core values: Celebration, Competitive
edge, Commitment, Collective ability, Creativity, Connectivity and Change (the 7 C’s)


the experts we work with

and our business successes.

We are quick to respond to an ever
changing busin
ess environment, providing our clients with
innovative and effective communications campaigns and strategies to give them the

they need in

they are located

We are

to our clients and their brands.

e ability

gives us confidence to find the right communication solutions to add the
value our clients aspire to.

We value

and strive to be at the cutting
edge of the creative communications process.

Our practical understanding of the power of

informs our efforts to connect our
clients with their stakeholders and
influential forces.


is constant, we embrace the creative dynamic of our changing environment,
drawing on our collective knowledge and experience to mee
t the challenges our clients
changing day
day business environment.

Wa Gono Communications


Our business philosophy is informed by the recognition that most effective integrated
communications strategies develop out of genui
ne strategic partnerships with our clients based
on clarity about their aspirations and needs

and insight into the unique dynamics underpinning
their industry sector, as well as a good grasp of the national political framework influencing the


dedicate both time and resources in the formative period of any new client relationship to
researching and analysing the industry

and communications landscape in which a
business is located
with the aim of identifying

potential opportunities

and inhibitors to achieving
business communications goals.

More importantly, we bring an unbiased, client
focused, global marketing communications
industry perspective to the table, assisting our clients to find clarity around complex
communications iss
ues and challenges

and providing the necessary strategic and operational
solutions to address them.

Wa Gono Communications

Key to success

We are serious about our processes and systems and so are the professionals we recruit. This is
how we ensure consistency of service to all our clients, big or small. The critical areas we focus
on are:

Project management

Qualitative research (knowledge


Specialist writing

Strategic events management


Creative design

Welcome message from the Wa Gono Communications CEO

The recent global economic recession has made the public relations and marketing
communications industry one of
the world’s fastest growing industries. There is an accelerated
demand for companies that provide an innovative, integrated spread of marketing
communications services.

The strength of
Wa Gono Communications

in the current socio
economic context is that it
offers a streamlined, one
stop service, delivering solutions across all aspects of communications,
including public relations

corporate identity development

graphic design

website development

investor r


financial advertising

and the design and publication of annual
reports, books, and other corporate publications.

Wa Gono Communications


The public relations, marketing and communications industry is
about visibility, influence and
perception management. As a service provider, we are the intermediaries between the companies
we work for and the communities/stakeholders that determine our clients’ place in the market.

The development of new business st
rategies and cutting edge marketing communication
solutions is critical for industry players to gain market share and survive in a highly competitive
market. Many businesses fail to adjust their strategies when customer demands and
environmental factors ch
ange. The most critical failures are usually
due to

unsatisfactory service

slack cost control

management mistakes

and most important
of all, weak or nonexistent communication strategies. Facilitating effective communication wi
customers and stakeholders is our business.

Marketing communication strategies

Development of integrated marketing communication strategies (
advertising, branding,
marketing, graphic design, and public relations)

Strategic support and counsel for se
nior leadership in private and public sectors

Campaign design

Issue management

Employee alignment with business objectives

Media Relations

Media strategy development

Media campaign implementation

Strategic message management

Press release writing

Editorial feature writing

Thought leadership articles

Media monitoring and analysis

Audience targeting

Perception audits

Media training

Media tours

Media database

Media crisis communications management

Graphic Design

Annual reports



Employee reports

Brochures, posters, logos, and other marketing support materials

Corporate profiles



Corporate identity

Corporate magazines and newsletters

Website Development and Multimedia

Digital media production

Video production

Website/intranet design and development

CD/mobile device design

Public Affairs, government and stakeholder relations

Stakeholder relations

Community engagement

Labour relations communications

Issues monitoring and management


Political relations/third
party alliance development

Media support campaign

Event management

Crisis communications

Employee Communications

Employee perception audits

Internal communications strategic counsel and campaign management

Employee engagem
ent communications strategy development

Employee magazine and newsletter publishing

Intranet development and management

Employee workshop planning and facilitation

Crisis communications

Editorial Services

Writing corporate profiles

Writing and compiling

reports such as annual reports; sustainability reports; and
employee reports

Copywriting for brochures and websites

Writing newsletters and corporate magazines

Translation services

General editing and proofreading across all communications projects

egic Planning Facilitation

Facilitate strategic planning workshops

Facilitate focused implementation of strategies within business units

Business coaching focused on the implementation of strategy

Resources and Insights

We understand that our clients are looking for creative ways to market their products, services
and corporate brands, especially in these tough economic times when budgets for big commercial
adverts are low. Effective communication with key stakeholders ab
out a company's state of
affairs reassures them and makes them feel confident about the company’s ability to withstand
difficult times.

New corporate governance requirements have shaped the current economic, cultural and social
landscape, forcing public
and private sector institutions to review their status
the diverse
markets and communities
in which they operate. This has created fresh opportunities for
marketing communication firms to help governments and corporate citizens to reach out to their


For government, this means an increased need to effectively communicate with citizens

beneficiaries of service delivery

whilst the private sector needs to communicate the benefits of
their product

and service

social responsibili
ty initiatives

and details of their overall
contribution to the nation

s economic prosperity.

Wa Gono Communications recognises the strategic necessity to make changes
according to
the dictates of corporate governance.
Wa Gono

strategic consultancy capabilities combined with insight, skill and perspective, to help
government departments and private sector organizations cope with new communication

We provide services to senior leadership in compan
ies and in government. We believe that
leadership communication with internal and external stakeholders is the best and most effective
way of managing and enhancing a company's reputation.

Wa Gono Communications was created to offer a genuine integrated m
arketing communications
service and a one
stop shop for clients, with a focus on increasing efficiency and adding real

Competition for qualified sales, marketing, and technical personnel is extremely intense as
people with these skills
are in limi
ted supply. Wa Gono hires and retains

experienced consultants

and uses freelancers to add more competencies to its team

as required.

Recommended articles

We believe in the development of new insights and continuous knowledge enhancement
to keep
ahead of the game. We have selected a few articles that we recommend for use by marketing
communications professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and reap the benefits of
cutting edge research. Copyright protocols should be respected.

commended websites

We believe in the development of new insights and continuous knowledge enhancement to keep
ahead of the game. We have selected a few marketing resources we regularly use. These
resources are available on the web for marketing communicat
ions professionals who wish to
enhance their knowledge and benefit from cutting edge research.







Recommended publications

We believe in the development of new insights and continuous knowledge enhancement to keep
ahead of the game. We have selected a few publications that we recommend fo
r use by
marketing communications professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and benefit from
cutting edge research. Copyright protocols should be respected.