Knowledge Management at NASA: Talk by Edward Rogers on 28 Sept at IIM,Bangalore


Nov 6, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Knowledge Management

at NASA: Talk by
Edward Rogers on 28

at IIM,Bangalore

Quality is generally approached as a post analysis fix in a product before it goes out into
the market
. Similarly


is also generally approached as a process of capturing
retaining within the organization
the Knowledge of people who are leaving the
organization. But this approach is not right.

It is important to know what the organization does right rather than focusing on what they
don’t do right.

ment, Risk



Engineering and Responsible
Leadership are
important aspects of any organization. Open Discussion and Debate
within these 4 entities has to be encouraged for the Success of KM.

Scientific Enquiry, Intellectual Curiosity and

Free Circulation are important aspects of
Knowledge sharing

and access

Knowledge authenticity in the organization can be

by addressing the
following 3 aspects

The way we assemble our
knowledge is important.

Encouraging Building of Expertise

Reference Links to be preserved.

Internal Knowledge markets and Formation of External partnerships is important in
Improving the Effective Application of Knowledge. Application of knowledge to reduce
risks is as important as its creation and sharing .A
learning organization is made up of
human learners and not smart
computers. It is important to keep the knowledge dynamics

The 3 challenges for knowledge sharing

What shows people what to share

Knowledge sharing will happen more effectively if peop
le can understand how what they
know matters to others.

What equips people how to share

Communication systems have to be open and its use should be measure by its utility
rather than its fancy.

What motivates people why to share

Reward freely and punish
fairly. People should understand that their hard work matters
for the organization.

Encourage things that are happening properly versus changing everything.