Analysis of past derailments - part 3

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Nov 29, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Analy sis of past derailments

06 May 2011


Some causes in detail







In Eastern Finland there are a
number of freight only lines,
mainly for timber transport with
relatively week infrastructure,
i.e. low weight rails on old
wooden sleepers.

Some of the timber wagons
may be overloaded and the
lines are prone to develop heat
curves during summer.

The lines are also trafficked by
Russian bogie wagons with
ungreased bogie pivots
exerting high loads on the
weak track structure.

Analy sis of past derailments

06 May 2011


Derailment at Råde 06.07.2006 due to heat buckle (sun curve)

The line had continuously welded rails and
the heat buckle developed while the train
was passing.

The train consisted of locomotive and 12
empty autocar transport wagon type

The train speed at derailment was 85 km/h

The cause of the heat buckle was high
compression forces in the track and possibly
track work that had been done prior to the

Analy sis of past derailments

06 May 2011


Derailment in Germany 23.01.2007 on line Elmshorn


Cause of derailment was a steel coil
weighing 11,65 tonnes transported from
Tornio, Finland to Gallarate (It) that fell
through the container floor and onto the
track due to overloading of container floor.

The steel coil derailed 12 of the train’s 21
intermodal wagons

The train speed at derailment was 93 km/h

The steel coil was not set in a proper crib
distributing the load sufficiently and the
container floor had faulty welds

The container had been transferred twice on
the route

The transport of steel coils in containers was
stopped after the accident

Analy sis of past derailments

06 May 2011


Derailment in Austria 16.06.2010

Train on route Curtici (Ro) with 208 autocars
bound for Mulhouse France derailed
between Hintergasse und Braz.

Train pressure main line was accidentally
closed (and brakes could not be applied on
affected wagons) due to a broken pressure
line support arrangement

Slightly injured driver,

10 million damage