Bsc Courses in Dubai


May 4, 2021 (8 months and 27 days ago)


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Bsc Courses in Dubai
Our four year BSc Computer Science Honours degree with a specialist in Artificial
Intelligence is oriented to providing computer science students with the latest
techniques in Artificial Intelligence. We aim to teach people not just how to deploy
cutting edge tools and techniques, but how to build the next generation of software
tools those others will use. This programme aims to give a well-integrated balance of
theoretical underpinnings and practical experience, strongly informed by the
research expertise of our academic staff.

Year 1
You will cover software development, an introduction to computer systems, web
design and databases. In addition you will learn how to create apps for mobile
Year 2
You will continue with data structures and algorithms, Interaction Design, looking at
various programming languages, databases, web programming, discrete
mathematics and software design. In addition you will learn how to program for
hardware devices such as a raspberry pi using assembly.

Year 3
You will study topics such as artificial intelligence, data communications, networking,
operating systems as well as more formal aspects of computing. You will also
undertake a group project that spans the whole year of study.
Year 4
You will study advanced topics such as Data Mining, Machine Learning, Intelligent
Robots and Biologically Inspired Computation. In addition you will also undertake a
major individual project in Artificial Intelligence.
The market for graduates having artificial intelligence skills must grow with the
increasing demands from companies, public sector organisations and research
institutions for employees with skills in specialist areas with clear applications in
industry – including data mining, machine learning, and pattern recognition.
We envisage graduates from this BSc programme getting jobs with software houses,
IT companies, research and development divisions of companies, financial services
organisations, defence contractors or government IT departments and as researchers
or research students within universities.
Dubai is diversifying away from an oil economy towards the emerging knowledge
economy, and a BSc in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) is just the kind of
specialist IT education provision that Dubai city planners are looking for to provide
the next generation of knowledge workers here.
Are you Looking
Bsc Courses in Dubai
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