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Oct 12, 2016 (2 years and 2 months ago)

791 views!network-equipment-rental/ck2q | Looking for a cost-effective solution to manage your IT? We have a range of IT packages to help fit in your budget.

APC UPS, Degauss HDD, Recycling, Computer, Furniture &
Pallet Disposal

Looking for a cost
effective solution to manage your IT? We have a range of IT
packages to help fit in your budget.

ONE STOP Solution

Looking for a cost
effective solution
to manage your IT? We
have a range of IT packages to help fit in your budget.

Experienced Team

Our team and partners are well
equipped with knowledge and
best market practices. Our engineers are CCNP

and CompTIA

Network Equipment Rental

We have enterprise class of network equipments for short time
rental. We carry brands such as Cisco, HP, Ruckus and others.

Office Solutions

We provide all coverings of typical office solutions

email hosting,
website design, flyers printing,
photocopiers, audio systems, computers &
networking, telephone systems and cabling work.

IT Disposal Service

Our recycling department aims to convert your used items into cash for
you. Call for our IT disposal service!

IT Equipment Disposal

We collect a variety of unwanted IT equipments from organizations and provide high buy
back value for items that still possess market value. (For example, Pentium 4 CPU have
little market value). Our purchaser will advise accordingly upon request.


Monitors (CRT/LCD)

Notebooks / Laptops

Networking Equipments


Photocopiers / Printers

Other Equipments / Services

Used furniture

Depending on the type of furniture, a small fee will be charged for disposal
and manpower services.

Used papers

provide for companies which require huge amount of papers to be

Unwanted IT peripherals

These items can be cables, rack, UPS, toner cartridges etc.

Contract Disposal

For a contract term of disposal, a team will be scheduled to perform
for your organization.

Managed Offsite Storage Services

Many corporations have faced the increasing demand of storage space due to

volume of mandatory

archives. Our managed offsite

storage services

corporations to leverage o
n our expertise to manage their IT inventory assets
at a lower cost.

Networking Equipment Rental

In response to short term requirements of businesses, our rental program offers a
effective solutions to fill in short
term demands and immediate needs fo
networking equipment. Our equipments undergoes the same high testing standards
and range from different series of Cisco products. Our existing customers (resellers,
users or system integrators) rent network equipment mainly to perform tests,
, and event infrastructure.


We provide a full range of low cost and high quality office solutions and services for
our valued customers. Our highly dedicated sales team is able to tailor the perfect
solution to increase the productivity of you
r business and our very experienced
technical team is able to guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Microsoft Cloud Email

Exchange Online Plan 1 ($5.50/user/mth)

50GB mailbox storage

Email size up to 25MB

Outlook and Web
based access

Shared Calendar

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