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Jun 5, 2015 (6 years and 7 months ago)


We are a small, Christian adoption agency in Charlotte, NC. We are looking to serve Christian adoptive parents whom we believe will raise their kids to know Christ. We have assisted our parents with adoptions from Poland (and Bulgaria) for over 15 years. We are truly thankful to have been given the opportunity to dedicate our professional lives to serve our parents.

Christian Adoption Agencies

One of our adoptive moms signs her email with, “My favorite book says we are all

She is referring to Ephesians 1:5, which says, “His unchanging plan has always
been to adopt us into his own family by bringing
us to himself through Jesus Christ. And
this gave him great pleasure”.

As God’s grace is sufficient for us so that we can be saved, we believe international
adoption is a way to extend this grace to the kids who need to be saved.

We give all the glory to G
od for the work He does through our agency and we feel blessed to
have been given a front
row seat so that we can witness our adoptive parents’ incredible
journeys with their Polish international


We can also help parents adopt from Bulgaria, but

we focus on primarily on adoptions from


served our parents with Polish adoptions

since 2001, and over 173 adopted
children later,

we cannot stop admiring the Polish people, the Polish adoption process and
how deeply they care for the kids i
n their orphanages, as well as the adoptive parents.

We feel blessed that


been lead on this road in assisting the true heroes

the adoptive
parents seeking

to share their love with the kids who need it most.

Our A
doption Programs

Our Choice in Hague Countries

We focus on the counties of

Poland, and

Bulgaria. We believe these countries are a good
choice for two primary reasons:

The adoption procedure is well
established. The countries of




members of the Hague Convention, which has developed favorable international adoption
requirements and procedures.

Hague Countries have clear requirements and rules in place
which are kept consistent.

For instance, they have Central Authorities which retain the
orphans available for international adoption and secure the relinquishment of birth
parents’ rights.

We have well established connections with experienced professional representatives and

whom we have chosen to represent us.

To learn more about these programs, you can contact us. We have provided some
literature. Our goal is to give you the information that you need.

So if you have any
questions, please fill out our contact form or just
give us a call. We will response promptly,
and talk to you particularly about your case and try to address your specific questions and

A Message from the Agency’s Operations Manager

I’ve always liked cars. Fast,
sporty cars.

I was 18 and I had a plan.

In my mind,

when I got
accepted into a Business School with a good reputation, that plan got re

The plan
by the way was that I was going to get a degree in Business and work uptown for a financial

I was going to live in a small apartment, without much furniture, except for a
big flat screen TV, and of course a nice car.

Yea, I was a kid and perhaps my “dream” wasn’t that inconsistent with those of

Maybe, you just “age out” of some

of this stuff I listed above.

However, for me, it
was coming to understand that my plan isn’t always God’s plan for me.

It rarely is.

To me, that was the hardest part

to understand

that I had to let go and trust that God
knew better.

Don’t get me w
rong, I said “was” but that is more of an ongoing process.

think the

more I grow in my faith, and the more I begin to comprehend who God is, and
how much He loves me, the easier it gets.

As with everything though, there are steps.

As you can see, I d
on’t have a degree in
theology, and our agency isn’t associated with any particular church, but as I Christian
alone, I believe that I am called to tell others about Christ (Matthew 28:19


We want to do what we can to help and so we are also as
king for your help.

Any money donated to the agency will be donated directly to orphanages in Poland and
Bulgaria to help aid the particular orphanage with supplies which are most needed.

With our agency being small, we don’t have any fundraising cost
s so that means that 100%
of your donation will go directly to where it is needed most, for the kids who hadn’t found
their parents yet.


Saint Mary’s is an IRS
approved tax
exempt 501(c)(3) foundation. Your donation is
tax deductible and will be gr
atefully acknowledged with an IRS receipt letter for your files.

You can help by writing a check made out to

“Saint Mary International Adoptions” and send
it to our office:

Saint Mary International Adoption

1515 Mockingbird Lane Suite 560

Charlotte, NC 2

St. Mary’s Parents

Below, I would like to share one of our adoptive
families’ incredible stories. This story was originally
shared on Adoption Choice’s facebook


is their home study agency. We have worked with
Adoption Choice several times and we highly...

A Beautiful Story, an Amazing Path…

Just over two years ago when my wife and I began
discussing adoption, the choice of where to adopt
from came easily. We had spent several summers
serving on mission teams throughout souther
Poland and had developed a love for the country and
the people we had...

For mo
re information please visit