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Nov 20, 2015 (6 years and 3 days ago)


http://www.perfectneeds.com | We endorsed our services with the latest technologies like E-commerce, Product catalogs and many other features. Nowadays the E-commerce market in Egypt is fast growing because we live in a busy world, where time is precious.

Content management system (CMS)

Content management system is used to manage website content. It lets you publish,
edit and modify your content the way you want. CMS is great for websites that have
many users, huge amount of content, blogs or news.in
addition, CMS reflects your
business identity in a smart way to thousands of users. Moreover, it makes it easy to form
highly interactive Multilanguage websites.

Product catalog

Product catalogs are the most successful nowadays. They are basically made t
present information about the products and services a company produces to help in
generating sales orders easily. Furthermore, product catalogs are great and direct
visibility to the end users that eliminate code confusion and save time. As well as
ng your search engine ranking because when online audiences search for
products and services, they are liked to your Web. Another thing is that product
catalogs help your visitors in their search for
information. In addition, product catalogs have web
ytics, which give you the chance to monitor the
performance of your metrics.

The main idea of executing an ERP system is to bring
together the internal and external data flow of a
company into a single, comprehensive system
environment and

therefore, make the company run
more professionally. The ERP system increases the performance efficiency of a
company by controlling and monitoring the work of the different departments. As well
as decreasing the operational costs, which improves the comp
anies profitability.
Moreover, the owner has the only access to the ERP system, which makes the data of a
company encrypted and secured.


commerce benefits you and your customers unlimitedly. It allows you to perform your
business with high
security and without the obstacles of time and place. As well as it is
hours available, which means you are not ever closed. Concerning the prices of
your products and services you will have constant feedback on them, which will help
you satisfy your cu
stomers and grow your sales.
As well as for the cost
sale it will be much
cheaper to sell through E
commerce than a
regular shop. As for the paperwork, E
commerce does not require much of it, which is
definitely better.

Hosting plans

We offer you hostin
g packages, which will help
your Web to be advanced

Custom Web Application

Software should be used for you to customize and design your own Application based
on your business. As well as, forming a centralized software application that can
securely be accessed over the Web to manage your business, can save you thousands
of dollar

Online business analysis and consultancy

To monitor your business process and to know exactly what to do and when to do it, is a huge
amount of work and responsibility, as well as keeping up with the latest online technologies. That
is why we make you l
everage your online resources for maximum benefit. You only take a
consultancy from someone you trust and for our company your satisfaction and success is the
accomplishment we seek.

Online Marketing

An influential Digital Media presence has become a neces
sity, because of the rapidly
changing and increasing varieties of social media channels and the outstanding grow
of the user base. This is why PERFETNEEDS offers a Digital Media Management service
that allows its customers to benefit from their presence an
d reach out to their target
audience with worthy and unlimited content.

About Us

We started our company in 2006 under the name of "Great Distance". We started as
ERP system developers only, but as we took a deeper look into the market, we realized
that thi
s was not the only thing our target audiences need. Therefore, we began
building websites for our customers to perfectly present their products and services. But
then, we were inspired to change the name of our company to "PerfectNeeds". We
did so because

fulfilling the business needs of our customers has always been our first

That is why we endorsed our services with the latest technologies like E
Product catalogs and many other features. Nowadays the E
commerce market in
Egypt is fas
t growing because we live in a busy world, where time is precious. Many
people do not have time to go shopping; instead they get the maximum they can
through the internet. Because of this, we present your products and services in the
easiest and most attra
ctive and low costly ways. Moreover, we offer you the cutting
edge features that will help you manage your business needs perfectly. This is actually
why we exist.

Our vision is to be the leading software house in Egypt in 10 years, uplifting 1000
tions to computerize their work, maximizing their benefits through the internet in
a more secured, efficient and professional way.We enjoy working and developing the
perfect solution for you because our first priority is fulfilling the business needs of ou

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