Internet of Things - our environment becomes intelligent

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Internet of Things


our environment becomes intelligent


Annual CMI Conference

November 24

25 2011

Knud Erik Skouby


What is

Why this theme?

Massive deployment of RFID tags
and networked sensors

Environmental, object, and body
sensor networks,

Traffic volume increases

Integration of WSN into
future wireless networks

connect the sensor world with
end environment

enable end
end solutions,
massively parallel applications

WWRF Vision

Machine to machine communications

All people will be served with wireless devices

Affordable to purchase, use and operate

Good user experience through simplicity and intuitive interfaces

Will integrate machine to machine communications

All devices are reachable

Empower the user

Addressing societal challenges

Sustainable development through efficient use of resources

7 trillion wireless devices serving 7
billion people by 2020

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