Collectorate Communication Systems

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orate Communication Systems



Communication Systems is an efficient application for
performing tasks and services provided by district collector office. The District Collector
is the district head of administration of the bureaucracy in a state of India. The
administrator is considere
d as the super user of this system, which indeed the collector
and higher official. The public peoples and end users are provided with the online
service for applying forms such as community, income, death and patta certificates. The
schemes and services a
vailable in the collectorate are also given completely exclusive
and every details of single scheme are mentioned in this system. A user can register
him with the system and once he/she is registered, they can sign in to apply for forms
and can participate

in tender offers announced by the administrator. Online petition filing
system is available for every end user even for peoples who haven’t registered with the
system. Online petition filing is also available in registered users interface and they can
ck the status of their petition whether action taken for his petition or it is rejected due
to some reasons.

Existing System:

The collectorate system uses the documentation form storage which is a single user
system to find the wanted information.

The important and the most significant drawback is that the system is
manual. There may be errors due to carelessness or oversight th
at may
result in loss to the data and as to the organization. For an organization,
time is very important factor.

The collectorate information is stored in the document form which is like a
data sheets. This makes it impossible to search for information i
n such a
number of

documents manually and to add new information if the
searched information is not available.

The forms like community certificates, birth certificates are all applied in
person by the public peoples. It is very time consuming in thi
s modern

The complaints and petitions against officials and government officers
should be submitted in person in the collector office itself, which again
makes it very time consuming.

The government tenders for public contract works and sale of publ
ic properties take
place in government offices only, many business peoples are unable to participate in
the tenders due to shortage of time factor.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is designed to eliminate all the drawbacks

Of the existing system. The system is part of a large Application and shall be
responsible for

Maintaining information about collectorate,

Department details,

Available forms details,

Public schemes for welfare,

Online petition system,

Contacts of h
igher officials.

The major advantage of the proposed system is,

It is an application, so that information is available anytime.

High integrity and security.

Ability to incorporate newly available data.

It is user friendly.

Speed and accuracy is increased

Fully automated.

Security is associated with user authentication

Duplication of information is curbed.

Implementation Modules:






This module provides administrator related functionalities. Administrator can
the all donor’s and consumer’s requirement.

Administrator is treated as a super user in
this system. The collector and higher officials are considered as the administrator
s in
this system. The administrator view the forms applied for approval such as

etc. The supervision of departments and schemes for the welfare of public
peoples are maintained by the super user. The forms are overviewed and conside
red to
be approved or rejected on basis of the data provided upon the particular form. The
petitions applied by the public peoples are checked by the administrators and if it is
found legal then the action against the petition are taken and if it is found
irrelevant to
the case filed then it will be rejected on the same..


This module is about users of this portal. By using this module user can lodge
any complaint about

User must be registered with the system

The end
users who can access the system can view the structure and functionality prevailing
in the collectorate. He can view the forms available, schemes provided for the
welfare of the minority people, departments under the organization details are also
iewed by the common users. They have only access to the online petition filing
system under which they can file a complaint or petition if they found any officials or
departments flaw in servicing to the public, In order to avail all the services provided
by the collectorate the user should register them with the system, which upon they
will be provided with the credentials to log into the system. Once a user becomes
registered then he can apply for the
petition. patta transfers


System Configuration

H/W System Configuration:







1.1 GHz


256 MB(min)

d Disk

20 GB

Floppy Drive


1.44 MB

y Board

Standard Windows Keyboard


Two or Three Button Mouse



S/W System Configuration:

Operating System :Windows95/98/2000/XP

Application Server

: Tomcat5.0/6.X

nt End
: HTML, Java, Jsp


: JavaScript.

Server side Script

: Java Server Pages.

Database Connectivity

: Mysql