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Take Your ASP.NET Web Farm to the Next Level

With the rapid growth in ecommerce, ASP.NET
applications are rapidly migrating to server farms
to handle ever increasing Web traffic. Server
farms offer both scalable performance and
protection against unforeseen outages. However,
they create new challenges for the ASP.NET
applications not seen on standalone servers.

Nearly all ASP.NET applications use sessions and
maintain session-state. Applications traditionally
store session data within local memory on one
server. When running on a farm, an application
must make session-state available to all servers
that need to access and update it. One solution is
to restrict the farm’s load-balancer to using
“sticky” sessions so that Web clients always
return to the same server in the farm.
Unfortunately, this can lead to inefficient load
balancing and lost sessions after server failures.

To circumvent these problems, applications often
store session-state in a centralized, back-end
database server (DBMS) so that it can be retrieved
from any server and preserved in case of server
outages. This approach is costly (especially if a
clustered database server is used), and traffic to
and from the data storage tier creates a bottleneck
that impacts performance and increases DBMS
load. Database caches can’t accelerate updates to
fast-changing session data.

ScaleOut StateServer’s™ distributed, in-memory
storage repository solves these problems and takes
your ASP.NET application to the next level of
performance and reliability. Storing session-state
on the farm eliminates the DBMS bottleneck and
keeps data where it’s needed. Since any server can
immediately access any session-state object, your
load-balancer can avoid “sticky” sessions and
eliminate hotspots on the farm. Patent-pending,
intelligent data replication keeps your data safe
and lets you easily take servers offline for
maintenance. Easy-to-use .NET APIs give you the
flexibility you need to customize your ASP.NET application. All together, ScaleOut StateServer provides the ideal
storage repository for your ASP.NET application’s session-state and other fast changing, workload data.

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Does your

ASP.NET Web farm

need help with these problems?
Overloaded DBMS
Storing session-state in your
overworked DBMS adds to its
already heavy load.
Slow response times
Storing session-state in a
DBMS slows down your
application and increases
response times.
Single point of
Sessions can be lost if a
server or network failure
Lost sessions
Many ISPs change IP
addresses mid-session,
causing "sticky sessions" to
be lost.
Can't schedule
Taking a Web server offline
requires “draining” sessions.
"High av" too costly
Deploying and managing a
clustered DBMS for high
availability is too expensive.
Web farm doesn't
Centralized storage of
session-state does not scale
as you add servers to the
Uneven load
Use of server-affinity to
maintain sessions prevents
your IP load balancer from
delivering maximum
Without an open API,
applications requiring access
to workload data storage
cannot be customized.