Metis: An Object-Oriented Toolkit for Constructing Virtual Reality ...

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WPPG ‘97


An Object
Oriented Toolkit for

Constructing Virtual Reality Applications

Russell Turner

Song Li

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Enrico Gobbetti

Center for Research, Development, and Advanced Studies in

WPPG ‘97


Virtual reality systems provide realistic look and feel by seamlessly
integrating three
dimensional input and output devices. One software
architecture approach to constructing such systems is to distribute the
application between a computation
intensive simulator back
end and a
intensive viewer front
end which implements user interaction. In
this paper we discuss Metis, a toolkit we have been developing based on
such a software architecture, which can be used for building interactive
immersive virtual reality systems with computationally intensive
components. The Metis toolkit defines an application programming
interface on the simulator side, which communicates via a network with a
standalone viewer program that handles all immersive display and
interactivity. Network bandwidth and interaction latency are minimized, by
use of a constraint network on the viewer side that declaratively defines
much of dynamic and interactive behavior of the application.