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Mechanical Engineering

ISU Research Experience for Teachers 2010

Group Members: Lance
, Tracy Pearson, Ella

& Eric

Research, design, develop, manufacture, and test tools,
engines, machines, and other mechanical devices

It is the branch of engineering that involves the
production and usage of heat and mechanical power for
the design, production, and operation of machines and

It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering

Mechanical engineering applies the principles of physics
and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing,
and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Nature of the Work

Tracy P.

College of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

Students learn to create and build machines, devices, and
systems that perform useful services.

Mechanical engineers are typically involved with such
activities as:

generation, distribution, and use of energy

development and application of manufacturing systems and

automation and control of mechanical and thermal systems

design of various products for consumer and commercial

Specialized Training

Ella S.

Mechanical engineering students :

study the principles of motion, energy, and force, in the
classroom and in some of Iowa State's laboratories.

have access to the Visualization Lab, the C4 and C6 virtual
reality environments, and the laser lab.

Mechanical engineering education prepares the
students for a wide range of careers, including:

Product research and development


Product manufacturing, testing, quality assurance,
marketing, operation, and management.

Student Type/Pre
College Training

Minimum High School Course Requirements for
Admission to Iowa State University

English/Language Arts


4 years



3 years Including one year each of algebra,
geometry, and advanced algebra.



3 years, including 1 year each of 2 of the following:
biology, chemistry & physics

Social Studies


2 years

Additional entrance requirements for the Colleges of
Engineering and Liberal Arts and Sciences

All of the
above, plus two years of a single foreign language.

Mechanical engineers held about 239,000 jobs in 2008,
second only to civil engineers

6% job growth over the next 8
10 years, which is slower
than the average for all occupations

Emerging new areas of growth for mechanical engineers
include biotechnology, nanotechnology and materials

M.E.s are in demand because a ME degree can be used as
a springboard into virtually any other branch of

The median income of a ME is $74,900.


Eric H.

The following are two examples of grants awarded to
mechanical engineers.

Developing microfluidic human liver model (miniature
human liver bioreactor) to study viral infection and alcohol
effects on the liver.

Explore new composite nano
manufacturing methods to
enhance mechanical integrity of biopolymers using
functionalized nanodiamond and to investigate a new
micro porous structure which will assist in bioactive
reagent delivery in surgical devices.

Current Research

Lance M.