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◆ The layer management functionality
makes you focus on a specified layer.
◆ Strong network analysis functions
help you find the most suitable road in
the complex transportation network.
◆ Integrating
with GPS
enables you to
know your
exact location.

SuperMap Flex Mobile
Google Android; Apple iOS.
What can you do with SuperMap Flex Mobile?
Supports the popular mobile systems
Mobile Positioning and Mobile Office have increasingly become the urgent needs of the businesses or
individuals. Mobile GIS is one of the most important parts.
SuperMap Flex Mobile is an AIR mobile development kit based on Adobe Flex technology. The
development kit, supported by SuperMap iClient 6R for Flex, provides you with a mobile-side GIS
application solution
◆ Browse different sources of map
data such as OpenStreetMap,
SuperMap Cloud map, maps published
by SuperMap iServer Java, etc.

◆ Online plotting and editing helps you
collect the data anytime, anywhere.
◆ It’s easy to
search for
landmarks such
as restaurants,
hotels, bus
station, facilitating
your outings.

◆ Advanced offline technology
provides a good offline solution.
It supports two ways to access the
offline map.
◇ When you access to the maps
online, the map data cache will be
automatically generated to the local
root directory, which makes that you
can still browse the map when it’s
◇ It provides a layer for accessing the
offline data package. This map access
method is to read the local data in real
terms, so it doesn’t rely on any
network communication to quickly
browse the map offline.
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