Mobile Web design development-What You Need to Know

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Mobile Web design development
What You Need to Know

by Sitikantha Pattnaik

Web Development



(submitted 2011

In web design development
world creating mobile website is an interesting work. Most of the
mobile users are heading towards mobile web development to make ev
ery web services easily.
The cell phone industries are following mobile website design to meet clientele demands and
expectations. Here we are describing few elements for implementing for a mobile website design
and development.

Keep simple applications f
or your present website

You can change easily your website into mobile website, it is not an intricate procedure and the
only thing most applies is to creating a smaller version of their website to adjust in mobile
applications. When you do web design for
your mobile website there you remove most of the
images and post the headlines to the potential articles and contents. In your mobile web design
development you have to simplify your layout designs. Today more advance technologies
creating much more proble
ms for such as CSS and complex layout designs with different screen
sizes face difficulties in different browsers. So always imply simple layout web designs which
can suit to different browsers.

Create small and clean layouts

With simple layout and design
you also need to input some images which are necessary for
mobile sites. Generally in cell phones internet connections are not as fast as it is in broadband
connections. You have to take care of how many pages you are showing in your mobile website.
If you

put too many images and contents then it many slow down your mobile internet
connectivity and visitors will feel to leave your website instead of waiting for long. So build
small, clean yet vital contents and images for your website.

Basic difficulties wi
th mobile web design development

The greatest difficulties which the web developer and web designer faces are the different sizes,
resolutions and internet browsers of many mobile screens. For every internet browser and mobile
settings the best solution is

the set up of Google analytic s, which will pick up internet browsers
in iPhones. For better working you target the most popular resolution and watch the average time
on site because the high average time on site will indicate your visitor whether reading

your web
content or not.

Take Tools help

Once you have completed your web design development services for mobile applications, you
need to test your design in different devices, which is complicated task. So you can utilize some
tools help for testing yo
ur services. Adobe dream weaver is a good tool which has some mobile
devices to test your web design services. BlackBerry simulator and iPhone simulator are other
mobile device tools which help to make your website more mobile development friendly.

Make st
rategies for your mobile web design development

Creating mobile websites is an increasing trend in the web market and day by day it is in more
demand from worldwide users. So at first you make proper
planning for your web design
development services, such as your needs and all the implementation services. Then develop and
continue to test your services.

Everyday market is changing with new applications and easy resolutions for using mobile web
ent applications, so you have to update yourself with upgraded and high
trends to be available anytime to fulfill your clientele demands.

About the Author

Sitikantha Pattnaik, Managing Director of Inflexi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is management
personnel with a MBA from FORE School of Management, New Delhi. At this company he is
focusing on revolutionary mark that symbolizes world class
web design development


applications by utilizing expertise technical skills and local resources to lead the
international web trend.