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Decreasing Software
Expenditures with Web

Using Thin Clients, Mozilla, and


Costs of running a small business with third
party software

Using Web technologies to decrease costs
and open new revenue streams

Research methods, and problems

Recommendations on how to proceed


Costs Of Running A Business
With Third Party Software

With a staff of 20, using only MS Windows
and MS Office, costs are:

Approx. $1, 000



Reading The Fine Print

These costs do not include:

Customer Management Software

Shipping Software

Accounting Software

And a staff to administer all of this

The Web Can Save The Day

Mozilla Web Browser, formally Netscape

XUL (XML User Interface Language)


Mozilla Web Browser

An example of a “Thin Client”

Formally Netscape Navigator

Open Source Software

Used by ~1.5% of the ~1,000,000 Web

Gecko (Mozilla’s rendering engine) is used
in over 11 different web browsers


What is XUL?

Created to make Mozilla easier to develop
for multiple operating systems

Based on XML (Extensible Mark
Language), a standard of the W3C

Specifically oriented towards user interface

If you can develop a web page you can
develop a user interface in XUL

With This…

<?xml version="1.0"?>

stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin/" type="text/css"?>

<window id="example
window" title="Example 3.4.2"



<groupbox flex="1">


<checkbox label="Enable Backups"/>



<label control="dir" value="Directory:"/>

<textbox id="dir" flex="1"/>


<checkbox label="Compress archived files"/>



Mozilla Gives Us This!

Mozilla Can Also Give Us This!


Developed by Netscape in 1994

Version 1.5 was standardized in 1999 by
ECMA International (ECMA
262 v3)

Used in ~25% of the Internet’s web pages

Allows XUL to be more than something
pretty look at!

Research Methods and Goals

To emulate most of the functionality found
in the sales departments customer
management software

To build this software using only Mozilla,
XUL, and JavaScript

Research Problems

Some components of the UI were more
difficult to develop in XUL

XUL did not offer all the same UI
components as the original software

JavaScript failed to scale well as the
software increased in size


The Present

The cost of development does not justify the savings

The Future

Microsoft’s Longhorn, XAML & .NET Products

Ximian’s Mono Project

Perl 6 & Parrot