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“What the Heck is Biotech?”

April 2007

In the 20

Century (1900

2000), the
Physical Sciences

(Physics and
Chemistry) changed

aspect of
people’s lives.




United States

innovation leader

of the 20th Century

Physical Sciences
in 20th century

Your parents and grandparents life


in 21st century

YOUR life!

Health and Medicine

Food Products and Crop Production

Renewable Energy Sources and
Cleaner Environments

WHO will lead BioScience innovation in
the 21st Century?

Great opportunities and great challenges
for US students today…


just Biotechnology…

ALL branches of science dealing with

the structure and behavior of living

Researchers and Manufacturers look toward
the understanding and novel use of the
functions of living organisms

It is
Specific, Precise, Predictable

Biotechnology products = better products

Tailor to solve a specific problem

Generate gentler or fewer side effects

Have fewer unintended consequences

Employment in Biosciences will grow


in next decade than overall employment

On average in 2003

Bioscience workers were paid

at least $20,000 MORE

than the overall national average
private sector annual wage

Biosciences involve a BROAD RANGE of

markets and professions

Medicine and health

Engineering and manufacturing


Marine science

Supplies and services


patent and business law

Business development

Research and development

Discovery Research

Ph.D., MS, BS, AA

Clinical Research

Ph.D., MS, BS, AA

Clinical Research

Ph.D., MD, Nurses

Product Development

(drug, device, diagnostic)

Ph.D., MD, MS, BS, AA, HS

Manufacturing & Testing

(Architects, Engineers, Marketing, Sales)

Ph.D., MS, BS, AA, HS


Raw Material Manufacturers

Equipment Manufacturers

Lawyers (patents)

Animal Care Techs

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

Medical Devices and Instruments

Agricultural Feedstock and Chemicals

Academic Health Centers, Research
Hospitals, and Research Institutes

Research and Testing

More than

370 biotech drug products
and vaccines are in clinical trials

Crime investigation and

forensic medicine has

been revolutionized by

DNA fingerprinting

Hundreds of

Medical Diagnostic Tests

safe blood supply

early disease detection

Industrial Biotechnology

Less Impact on the environment

Less energy, less waste

Environmental Biotechnology

Hazardous waste

clean up

without caustic


Biotechnology foods

Hundreds of products

Healthful, safer foods


vs. chemical pesticides

“Inventing the Future of

“Possibilities of a
Cure for the

“Exploring the Human

“Restoring and
Maintaining Health”

“Preservation, Identification,
Extraction, Documentation, and
Interpretation of Data”

Enhance our quality of life

Generate higher paying jobs

Discover cures and treatments for diseases

Increase and improve the food supply

Contribute to energy conservation

Contribute to a cleaner environment

Consider making it part of YOUR future!

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