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English 120

Cell phone use demonstrates a negative
impact on society

Cell phones increase the risk car accidents

chances of getting brain cancer are greater

addicted to cell phones


Cell phones emit a electromagnet
radiation energy(RF) also found in
microwaves and in X

Electromagnet radiation can penetrate
solids to various depths cause damage
by separating molecules

Electromagnetic radiation penetrates
your body about six inches from the
center of the phone's antenna.

While having the cell phone by your head it
penetrates your brain.

If it's on your waist, it penetrates the important
forming flat bones of your hips.


Will Thomas

Many health issues have been linked to
Electromagnetic Fields

Brain cancer along with eye, ear and leukemia.


birth defects

Heart Problems


learning disabilities



Brian tumors

mass of abnormally growing cells in the brain or

serious because a growing tumor eventually will
compress and damage other structures in the

brain cancer rates in America have increased by
25 percent since the introduction of the cell

Of all the distractions that today's drivers
face, cell
phone use may be the most

While on the phone and driving has been
also been compared to driving drunk.

Barnett 2007

Harvard study suggests that motorists on
cell phones are responsible for about 6
percent of auto accidents in the United
States each year, killing an estimated
2,600 people and injuring another



Now with nearly two
thirds (63%) of
teens owning their own cell phone, many
parents have noticed obsessive
behaviors in their teens, often so extreme
they resemble addiction

Addiction Treatment
Resources for Parents of
Teens & Young Adults

Many experts believe cell phone
addiction can soon be classified as a
disease similar to drug addiction,
alcoholism, or gambling.

Addiction Treatment Resources for
Parents of Teens & Young Adults

Some symptoms of cell phone addiction

Feeling restless or uncomfortable when not using a
cell phone

Having irrational reactions to being without a phone if
it is lost or forgotten;

Problems at school and work from constant cell phone

Mounting cell phone bills that cause financial distress

Taking risks such as using a cell phone during
inappropriate times (driving)

Addiction Treatment
Resources for Parents of
Teens & Young Adults)


Sexting is when a person sends a reveling
picture of them self to someone else by using
their cell phone.

Sexting was not in the English vocabulary ten
years ago but is now heard and talked about

"Thirty percent of 17
olds who have
cell phones say they have received
"sexting" photos or video messages

Eight percent of 17
olds say they
have sent such sexually suggestive

Choney 2009

Sexting has many risk attached with it

It can cause depression

It can embarrass you

People will judge you for your actions

The photo can get sent around to everybody not
just to the one person it was intended for

Sexts can be used for blackmail of revenge