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Ubiquitous Computing and Smart Living Lab

@ the Cyprus University of Technology

Elena Polycarpou


Cyprus University of Technology


Limassol, Cyprus

Key persons:

L.Lambrinos (Assistant Professor)

A.Dosis & C.Djouvas (Senior Researcher)

E.Polycarpou (Researcher/PhD Stud.)

Contact Info:
Lambros Lambrinos, Elena Polycarpou,

{lambros.lambrinos, elena.polycarpou}@cut.ac.cy

Ubiquitous Computing and

Smart Living Lab

Tackling Societal challenges

Health and wellbeing

Smart and integrated transport

Inclusive, innovative and secure societies

Topics relevant to current work on:

Smart cities and parking infrastructures

Internet of Things

Maritime networking

Location based services and emergency response

Ubiquitous Computing and

Smart Living Lab & Horizon 2020

Mobile devices + wireless infrastructures =

Ubiquitous Connectivity

How can we extend the urban Internet ecosystem
to the maritime environment benefiting
organisations and crews/passengers ?

Vessel and Vessel
Shore connections

Facilitate large data transfers

Safety and mission data

External data collection


cost telephony when opportunities arise

Lab’s Themes and Activities (1)

Mobile devices + wireless infrastructures =

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Location based services

Where is the caller located ?

Event reporting

Is it a real event ?

Is it something major ?

Are many people from nearby locations calling us for it ?

How can we disseminate information to the public quickly ?

Next Generation Emergency Services (NG112)

Can we gather multimedia or sensor data ?

Lab’s Themes and Activities (2)

The Internet of Things and Smart Cities

Smart parking infrastructures

What do drivers and administrators need ?

Simple parking experience and management

Recent trends

Parking monitoring

Dynamic pricing

Advance reservations

What is the role of smart parking infrastructures
in the urban ecosystem and how can they assist
people with disabilities ?

Lab’s Themes and Activities (3)


Municipality of Nicosia (80,000 inhabitants)

Strovolos municipality (100,000 inhabitants)

Governmental departments in Cyprus

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Communication and Works

Various research institutions

Collaborating organisations

Work towards inclusive, innovative and reflective
societies participating in projects on:

Intelligent Transport Systems

Optimal use of transport data as a basis for smart mobility services

Monitoring user behaviour, mobility patterns and social acceptance in the
context of new social trends and future demand

Transport societal drivers

Smart Cities and Communities

Stimulate market demand for smart city solutions


Early warning systems, emergency / disruption information dissemination
through modern technologies

Collaboration within H2020

Collaboration within H2020

Digital empowerment of citizens

Secure Societies Challenge

Crisis Management

Next Generation Emergency Services

Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected
Smart Objects (ICT

Create novel ecosystems with advanced objects and
connections & create human
centric services

Our overall goal…..

Please feel free to ask for further
information on our activities

Enhance quality of life through

driven technological advances taking care of
citizens while at home, at work and on the move



Thank you !

Questions ?

Contact Info

Lambros Lambrinos, Elena Polycarpou,

{ lambros.lambrinos, elena.polycarpou }

@ cut.ac.cy