Target Markets and the

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Target Markets and the

Value Proposition

Target Markets and Customers

Inventronics is focused on the general
illumination market.

Inventronics focuses on those customers who
value product life, reliability and efficiency.
These are the customers who understand the
value that LED lighting brings to the market and
who strive to deliver it. (We believe they will be
the ultimate winners in this market.)

Inventronics focuses on market segments that
are reaching their tipping point for LEDs.

Target Markets and Customers

A market reaches its tipping point when:

The technology is ready for the application.

The product performance exceeds the competitive
technologies in that segment.

The economics are demonstrably better than those
for the competitive technologies in that segment.

The payback for LED lighting had dropped below five
years and is approaching three years.

Target Markets and Customers

These applications exhibit at least 3 out of 5 of
the following characteristics:

Maintenance/replacement costs are high.

Usage (hours/day) is high.

Good light quality is important.

Temperature extremes limit choices.

Significant savings can be realized through light level
controls (e.g. daylight harvesting, or occupancy/
proximity sensors.)

Target Markets and Customers

Historically, these applications include:

Street and area lighting.

Tunnel lighting

High bay lighting for warehouses, manufacturing
facilities and large retail stores.

Parking garages

Convention centers / arenas

Architectural lighting

Target Markets and Customers

Going forward the following applications are
being added:

Panel lights

Linear lighting

Down lights

Accent lighting

Impacting Return On Investment

The return on investment calculations for lighting
projects are typically based on three key criteria:

The difference in product cost

The difference in energy savings

The difference in maintenance costs

Return on Investment

Depending on the project,
maintenance may be
anywhere from 15% to 60%
of the expected savings.

For street and area lighting
projects, maintenance
averages about 35% of the

Return on Investment

The relative importance of
maintenance savings vary
depending on:

Technology being replaced

Mounting / Accessibility

Life assumptions

Usage (hrs/day)

Electricity costs

ROI and the Power Electronics

The power electronics (driver) impacts the actual
return on investment due to:

Product cost




The design of the driver has significant impact
on the project ROI.

The Triple Impact of Efficiency

Higher efficiency in the driver has a triple impact:

It uses lowers energy costs resulting in direct operating

It lowers component temperatures resulting in longer life

Lower component temperatures also produce higher

The difference is bigger than you might think.

The Triple Impact of Efficiency

An 85% efficient driver dissipates 3.3x more power
than a 95% efficient driver.

That power turns into heat which limits the life and

Everything else being equal, the 85% driver will
have about half the reliability of the 95% driver.

The 85% efficient driver may have less than one
third the life of a 95% efficient driver under the
same conditions.

Value Proposition

Inventronics is focused on providing drivers that
extend the value proposition of LED Lighting.

They save energy through higher efficiency.

They reduce maintenance costs through longer life
and higher reliability.

Different families have different optimization
points. For example, outdoor drivers place a
higher value on reliability and life than do most
indoor products due to the high cost of