What is the significance of applications and app stores to the success or failure of mobile computing?

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What is the significance of applications and app stores to the
success or failure of mobile computing?

by Craig Lawson


Applications are computer software to perform specific tasks

(Bovee 2012, p 256)
Ranging from large business computer programs s
uch as “Sun Systems” for
processing Accounting Data to simple programs allowing users to order a Pizza
online from their local Domino’s Pizza store, it is very rare in this modern world not
to be affected by computer

software in some way.

ware appli
cations (apps) for Smartphones and Portable Digital Devices are the
main ingredient for a happy end user. Users love the fact that they can access
information instantly by using these apps to complete tasks much faster like using a
GPS program to help find

a destination, seeing weather forecasts, or ordering weekly
groceries. Suppliers of Smartphones and Apps realised this very early, hence the
explosion in this area. Over 500,000 apps are now available for Apple's operating
system alone
and close to 300,00
0 apps
for Android

Apple 2012



The development of Smartphones and
pplications products is comparable to the
days when home computing first started for the general public. When "Joe Bloggs"
went to his local computer supplier

nd, and purchased a home

People had to choose which type of computer they

to satisfy
their requirements. Different computers ran different operating systems, which in
turn could only fit their own products. Ironic that Apple was one of
these suppliers.
Today most Desktop and Laptop Computers use Microsoft's Windows Operating

Another very similar situation regarding unique systems running their own software
only is Home Video Game Suppliers, being Playstation, X Box or Wii. In th
is area, no
merging of the operating systems has been made. The suppliers of consoles have
developed extra features to try a win sale

internet access
; and Gaming Software
produce the same game for each system to maximise their product sales no matter
t system the public might be using. When comparing this to the current situation
of mobile computing, the same is happening. A large number of Mobile Phone Apps
that you can get for an Apple's operating system phone can be sourced for an
Android mobile ope
rating system such Apps to link the consumers so they could be

able to order a Pizza from their local Pizza Hut.

Apps running on


systems will

continue for some
time but mobile computing has very little risk of failing

ons 2010)
. The battles
between all the companies will only cause these markets to expand and produce
improved products for consumers. One example of this being the impact Samsung's
massive increase in its smartphone sales has had on the use of the Android
(Appendix A).