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Kathryn Haberle


Using the Internet to Improve Classroom

I am a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Hollidaysburg Senior High
teaching grades ten through twelve. The subject areas that I am teaching this year
are Child Development, Food


Foods and Nutrition.
Next year I would like to introduce a course called Skills for Life that focuses on
the skills necessary to survive life after high school. One of the skills that will be
covered is personal finance and money manageme
nt. Currently
Senior High

is undergoing a renovation which has caused some minor changes in
my planning due to the noise and interruptions of the construction. My classroom
is poorly designed with a lack of kitchen
space and

computer usage.
Within the
next few years I hope to get a classroom that is up to code and meet the needs of
my students.

Internet resources are very limited at the Hollidaysburg Senior High. I have
one computer in

my classroom that is for teacher
use only. Our library d
oes have
about twenty

with internet

but it is a first come first serve basis.
If one does not sign up for the

computers in the

library at least a month in advance
it is normally booked. We do have two mobile computer labs for use within th
school, but due to the
construction we

are often faced with
complications with

wireless internet. This can be very frustrating when you do sign up for the mobile
computer lab, get the students ready to begin their assignment and then you realize
that th
e wireless connection

. We also have a computer lab in our school which
contains thirty computers but just like the library and mobile lab we face the same
problem of the computer lab being available or not.
With the renovation

I would
love to have a
t least ten classroom computers or laptops designated to my room
only with internet
; therefore, students could work in groups of two or take
turns using the internet when working on assigned projects.

In the past three years of my teaching I have
tried to use computers with
internet access in all my classes when the computers are

In order to
group or schedule students to use the computer lab , mobile lab or library I will
continue to do what I have done in the past and plan ahead. I kee
p a calendar from
the previous school year so that I have an idea of when I want to do certain projects
that utilize computers with internet access. By keeping my calendar from the past
school year I have a rough idea of when I will need to book the comput

mobile lab or library at least a month in advance so I am guaranteed access to the
computers. I do use the internet in all of my classes as I said above. In Food Prep,
students use

to anal
yze their food intake and dietary
analysis. They also use the internet to choose recipes for their final meal planning
lab. In Advanced Foods and Nutrition students use the internet often to do research
on food allergens, ethnic foods and they also look fo
r various recipes. Child
Development classes use the computers and internet to research toy safety
, birth

developmental stages

of toddlers. Child Development

complete a “Budgeting for Baby” project where they use the computer a
nd internet
to price compare baby supplies and equipment.

One interesting site that I found at a conference was a site for a free on
personal finance course called Money SKILL.

Money S
a great addition to
regular classroom lesson plans that c
onsists life

modules that the students
complete at their own pace. This program would be very beneficial to the students
if we have the computers and internet access to actually utilize the program.

Another interesting site that I found useful to my c
lassroom is the webquest.org,
web page. This site introduced me to a whole new way to create lesson plans that
are web based and self paced. Creating my own web quest was not as difficult as I
thought it would be and I look forward to
using other

web quest
s that I found this
site in the near future.

Overall I feel very confident that computer usage with internet access will be
utilized in my classroom to prepare my students for a technology based life.
Hopefully with the renovations taken place at Hollidays
burg Senior High will
provide my students with the opportunity to increase their usage of lessons that are
based around internet usage.