Low Power Electronics and Applications

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Journal of

Low Power Electronics
and Applications

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is an independent open access

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Dr. Alexander Fish

Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Mail: afish@ee.bgu.ac.il

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Massimo Alioto (Italy)

Bharadwaj Amrutur (India)

Amine Bermak (China)

David Bol (Belgium)

Andreas Peter Burg (Switzerland)

Benton H. Calhoun (USA)

Gregorio Cappuccino (Italy)

Shoushun Chen (Singapore)

Pasquale Corsonello (Italy)

Ralph Etienne
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Volkan Kursun (China)

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Efraim Pecht (Canada)

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Kaushik Roy (USA)

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Naveen Verma (USA)

Orly Yadid
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Joachim Rodrigues (Sweden)

George Jie Yuan (China)

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Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to contribute a research article
or a comprehensive review for consideration
and publication in the

Journal of Low Power
Electronics and Applications


is an online open access
journal providing an advanced forum for stud-
ies of electronics for low power applications.

Manuscripts prepared in Microsoft Word or
LaTeX can be submitted to the Editorial Office
online at www.mdpi.com. Detailed instructions
for authors are also available online:



is published in open access format

research articles, reviews and other contents
are released on the Internet immediately after
acceptance. The scientific community and the
general public can unlimitedly access the con-
tent for free as soon as it is published.

is a new journal and publication fees
are fully waived for papers submitted in 2013.
However, a fee of 250 CHF may apply for
those articles that need major editing and for-
matting and/or English editing.

We would be pleased to welcome you as one
of our authors.

Editorial Office

Mail: jlpea@mdpi.com

Tel. +41 61 683 7734


Call for Papers

Aims & Scope

Open Access.

What Does It Really Mean?

Journal of
Low Power Electronics and Applica-

(ISSN 2079
9268) is an open access jour-
nal which provides an advanced forum for the
studies of electronics for low power applica-
tions. A special emphasize is made on ultralow
power bio
medical applications. It publishes
reviews, regular research papers and short

Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish
their experimental and theoretical results in as
much detail as possible. There is no restriction
on the length of the papers. Full experimental
and/or methodical details must be provided.

The scope of

includes, but is not limited

electronics for low power applications:

medical applications, medical applications,
sensor applications, security applications, space
applications, portable communication applica-
tions, multimedia applications,...

ultralow power electronics for biomedical

implantable electronics, wearable electronics,
electronics for capsule endoscopes, electronics
for brain science, lab
chip, electronics for
area monitoring,...

circuits and systems for low power


technologies, low leakage devices, digital logic ,
analog/mixed signal designs, low voltage digital/
analog/mixed signal designs, VLSI systems,
memories, asynchronous logic, low power archi-
tectures, processors, FPGAs, SOC design;…


regularly publishes special issues on
relevant and timely topics. Be sure to check our
website for an updated list of special issues: