Java Conf call 6/13/2002 Roll Call

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Java Conf call 6/13/2002

Roll Call

Skirmantas Kligys

Peter Hendler

Todd Freter

Harold Solbrig

Data Types

Gunther has uploaded many of the interfaces and a few of the implementations.

We still can not build source with ant (see below).

Rim Classes

antas has created the baseline RIM classes using an XSLT transformation. He extracts them using
XPath queries.

We discussed naming conventions for properties, getters and setters. (We determined that "camelCase"
will be used )

HMD MetaLoader

mentioned that he has made a few improvements to this.


José will not be able to work on the factories as the VA has decided to adopt the “dot
Net” architecture at
this time. When the need for factories arises, we’ll have to re
assign this. While

not volunteering,
Skirmantas did surmise that factory generation is not unrelated to work that he has already done.


Discussed how HMDs would direct serialization of RIM graphs to XML messages. We determined that we
need data for message insta
nces in order to develop and test serializers.


There is still a bug in ant. It does not behave as specified and does not seem to allow us to use the java
generic compiler. Geoffry mentioned on the list server that he may have to temporarily fix the
source of
ant until the Jakarta project can provide a permanent fix.

Harold Sobrig from Mayo Clinic joined the call and is interested in a CVS account. He is particularly
interested in reviewing the data types because of his work in encorporating LOINC, S
noMED, and other
codes into HL7 applications via the CD type.


We discussed with Harold the possibility of demostrating “implies” functionality for CD data types.

New Business