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Script and Talking Points

Last update: Aug 26, 2011

About the acquisition of Force10

The acquisition of Force 10 helps our round out our portfolio and enables us to offer a more robust
solution to address emerging trends affecting every business
today. With more applications moving to
the cloud and a fluid workforce requiring anywhere and everywhere access, the datacenter becomes the
strategic epicenter for flawless delivery. Our commitment of a simplified, open and optimized end to
end network in
frastructure is clear and unwavering. Our ability to deliver on this promise is
strengthened by our Force 10 acquisition by ensuring our ability to comprehensively address business
trends that demand a new approach. And by delivering this new approach we c
an architect a network
that supports the business rather than the other way around.

Key Talking Points

Dell has completed the acquisition of Force10 Networks

Today’s datacenter networks are complex and manually configured. What worked in the past is
no lon
ger viable for future technology demands.

Next generation datacenter networks (also known as “fabrics”) must enable automation of
virtual machine movement across datacenters.

Dell is uniquely positioned to capture this emerging opportunity due to its proxi
mity to
application workloads and the virtualization layer.

The acquisition of Force10’s product portfolio, R&D, patent portfolio, and sales and servicing
functions add datacenter networking IP to Dell’s server, storage, systems management, and
solutions o

Force10 Networks delivers a modular, resilient network operating system upon which we plan
to build new services to optimize application delivery among network, server, and storage

The Force10 Networks technology enables Dell to pro
vide end users an efficient and policy
driven cloud computing fabric.

ey elements of the Force10 Networks portfolio include:

Fully refreshed and innovative datacenter portfolio with a rich operating system


Open Automation 2.0: Part of
Force10’s Open Cloud Networking Initiative, it enables Force10’s
modular network operating system to deliver automated, policy
driven, real
time workload
allocation in response to changing application and service demands. The feature enables third
party de
veloper communities to include Force10 Networks switches in a broader ecosystem of


Force10’s modular network now includes a planned unified fabric manager to allow
datacenter managers to control multiple Force10 Networks switches as if they wer
e a
single, logical, switch device.


Force10's implementation of Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB)/Virtual Ethernet Port Availability
(VEPA) allows switches to communicate seamlessly with virtual switches and to process
packets from a virtual machine for directi
on onto the appropriate VLAN.


For customers that use hypervisors that don’t support EVB, Force10 Networks offers
HyperLink as an alternative method to make the physical switch aware of virtual switches
via communication directly with the hypervisors API.

Our Approach

Flattening the network

Managing from the edge

And strategically scaling for the future

This is achieved via


As networks have evolved, they also have become more complicated in terms
of physical footprint, ability to manage and ability to deploy new technologies as demands
warrant it. Dell Networking & Force 10 believe in a simplified architecture where business
can be met with fewer boxes.


Initial deployment and ongoing management of complex systems can suck down
huge amounts of resources and capital. With advanced services, initial deployment can be less
disruptive by leveraging our expertise r
ather than dedicating your in house resources.
Management is eased by automating tedious and time consuming tasks, thereby freeing up your
people to innovate.


Proprietary technologies only benefit the vendor by locking you into their technology.
believe that an open architecture is essential for innovation. Open computing enables
flawless application delivery and open networking enables an infrastructure that solves for
today’s challenges while also strategically positioning your network to accomm
odate future

Competitive Positioning

Force10 Networks solutions provide enterprise performance and resiliency while reducing
overall TCO, simplifying network deployment, and supporting open, standards
based systems
and management solutions.

Force10 Networks has continued to evolve its “Open Cloud Networking” initiative with Open
Automation 2.0 and a unified fabric manager which can manage both logical and physical
switches as a single logical switch.

Dell & Force10




Clear #3 vendor in 1G and
10G Fixed Switching

Strong solution provider
and Data Center player

Most comprehensive
networking Lifetime

Leading data center and
fixed core switching

Powerful Campus

Full Storage

UCS: Effective
around an
integrated s

Full Switching, Routing,
Security, WAN, Management

VCE Partnership for full Data
Center solution set (VMWare,
Cisco, EMC)

Strong Value Add Services
Capabilities and Partnerships

Leading networking Brand

HP Converged Networking

(FlexFabric, FlexCampus,

Single pane of glass

Comprehensive networking
Lifetime Warranty

Clear 2nd Alternative to

Offer Full Data Ce
Solutions (Server, Storage,
Networking, Services)


Lack of unified / single OS

Gaps in overall
networking portfolio

messaging around
ed solution

Weak Networking brand

Emerging Networking
Services Capabilities

Disparate OS's and
Management Systems

High Cost and Margin
structure expected by the

No Hardware/Scalable

Warranties claim “Lifetime”
but limit power and fans to 5

No Certification Offering

Ambiguous Strategy for the
Data Center

New P
ortfolios are not yet