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1.519 εμφανίσεις We enjoy helping our clients create businesses that thrive in their market(s), support the well-being of their employees, and contribute positively to the communities they serve. Five Drivers For Thriving Business is at the core of everything we do: remarkable customer experience, employees who care, sustainable cash flow, operations that work, and competent leaders.

Business Worth

Businesses create business worth living when they

thrive in their markets, support
the well
being of


employees, and contribute positively to the communities
they serve.

Our clients build thriving businesses that are great places to work. Even
more, our clients are members of a community of like
minded people who care
about creating business worth living.

Join the Business Worth Living Community now!

You don’t have to wait until we do business together to be

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Register for Priority: Sales

Successful salespeople create highly satisfied customers.
They know customers buy for their own reasons. They seek
to understand the customer’s priorities and adapt their
selling style to connect their product or service


priorities. Helping customers to

alternatives creates the synergistic environment for true
win situation. These salespeople

prioritize their sales
opportunities and put first things first.

Register for Executive Strategies For Thriving Business

Thriving businesses exhibit five qualities: remarkable customer
experience, employees who care, sustainable cash flow, operations
that work, and competent leaders. Strategies strengthening these
five qualities lead to higher employee morale, productivity, and
lower turnover. Additionally, these businesses gain more loyal
customers, operations that are more effective, increased revenues,
and growing social capital.

Advanced Solutions

Often our clients want advanced solutions to fit their organizations’ size,
climate, goals, challenges and opportunities. Working together to develop
a plan to achieve your desired outcomes, we prioritize building trust and a
great working relationship with you for maximum success.

Using the strengths of our knowledge, experience, and resources,

can make your life easier through . . .

Comprehensive strategic planning so that your organization meets the
future with confidence. Using strategic foresight to align values
operations, In collaboration with you,

will design an implementation and transition process to
execute your strategic plan.

Identifying and understanding organizational challenges and
collaborating with you to design practical, effective solutions.

Improving organizational internal and external communications
through organizational communication assessments.

Assistance in hiring high quality talent through competency
hiring processes.

Designing individual, small group, and large group activities to
maintain and enhance positive organizational climate and

Teaching skills in leadership, strategic planning and strategic
foresight, cross
cultural leadership, and creativity/innovation.

Keynote Speaking, conference presentations, and retreats that inform,
inspire, and call participants to action.

Doctors On Call: Executive Consulting and Coaching

Now you can have near on
demand professional consulting and
coaching to take full advantages of emerging opportunities or
address challenges effectively in your business or organization.
Doctors On Call

offers blocks of Executive Consulting and
Coaching and related materials at a discounted rate.

Maximize Profits With An Engaged Workforce

The statistics are harsh

according to Gallup research over 50% of employees are unengaged in their jobs.
This lack of engagement is directly costing businesses and not
profit organizations up to $350 billion
in lost productivity annually.

Research also demonstrates that companies in the highest 10% of employee engagement top their
competitors in Earnings Per Share by

improve employee engagement, we recommend our Maximum Workplace Engagement Workshop


uses the

Workplace Profile and on
site interactive learning to help participants:

Discover their individual personality styles and explore the priorities that drive them during their

Identify what works for them and what challenges them when working with each


Plan how to bridge differences using the

model to work more effectively with their colleagues
and with others.

Explore how the interaction between the differing personal styles influences your workforce culture.